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Top Five 64 MB Jump Drives

written by: Senadheera Jayakody•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/20/2011

A Jump drive is a nice and handy tool to keep your data always with you. If you are looking for the best 64Mb jump drives, we have done the hard part for you. It’s time to analyze and decide “what the best USB flash drive is”?

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    What is a Jump Drive?

    Jump Drive is actually a Lexar brand name for a USB flash device or USB pen drive. But it is also used for USB flash drives by customers. So, when people talk about a jump drive they just mean a USB flash drive. When it comes to 64MB jump drives there’s one thing that we have to remember. 500GB hard drives and 64GB USB flash drives are neither strange nor expensive components today. So very few people are actually looking for something like a 64MB jump drive. Therefore it is very hard to find and buy such a device. But you may still order such devices as custom USB devices from many companies. Custom USB drive means a USB flash drive that can be ordered according to your needs. Finding a 64MB jump drive is quite hard. Finding the best jump drives is even harder. So here are the best jump drives you may consider buying if you are actually looking for such a device.

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    SanDisk 64MB Waterproof USB Flash Drive

    SanDisk 64MB Waterproof USB Flash Drive One of the best options for a 64MB jump drive to consider is SanDisk 64MB Waterproof USB Flash Drive. It is small and very reliable. SanDisk is one of the leading manufacturers of USB flash drives. So you can rely on them. This USB drive is designed for rough usage and it is also waterproof. The plastic cap is specially designed for the safety of the device. This design ensures that the cap is always attached to the jump drive and securely fastened. Enclosure color is blue and has an appealing design. It supports PC and Mac systems and the interface type is high speed USB (USB 2.0). So you can transfer data with a higher speed.

    You can buy this USB flash drive at at a price of $14.99. Warranty is not mentioned at the seller's website. But SanDisk Company usually offers a 5 year warranty for a USB flash drive (Depends on the type of the pen drive).

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    Lexar 64MB Portable USB JumpDrive

    Lexar is another well known brand when it comes to jump drives. Their 64MB Portable USB JumpDrive is a tiny USB flash drive with Lexar 64MB Portable USB JumpDrive several useful features. This is great for students and professionals. This comes equipped with a write-protect switch to prevent accidental file deletion. This is lightweight and easy to use.

    It supports both Mac and Windows environments. One of the problems is data transfer speed. This is a USB 1.1 drive so it may not offer the speed that other similar devices offer. Appearance may not be the best but it is still looking reasonably good. The warranty is 2 years. You can buy it for $26.99 at Price is a bit higher than the SanDisk but this is a good option, when you are looking for a 64Mb jump drive.

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    Edge Memory Edge DiskGO 64MB Flash Drive

    Edge Memory Edge DiskGO As the seller states this is a great gift to offer. It’s relatively higher data transfer speed, very low price, and sleek design makes it really a great gift.

    Memory Edge DiskGO offers a speed of 4.2MB per second for data transferring. It can be used in both Windows and Mac computers. One of the main advantages is its very low price compared to other similar flash drives. You can buy it for just $9.99 at Warranty is one year and it comes with a 3 foot USB extension cable as an additional feature.

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    Sony USM-D MicroVault Ultra Mini 64MB

    Sony USM-D MicroVault Ultra Mini is one of the best jump drives, when you are looking for a 64MB jump drive. With a super data transfer Sony USM-D MicroVault Ultra Mini speed and a great looking design this is a must buy.

    This USB 2.0 drive is capable of transferring data at a speed of 12MB per second. It is faster than all the other jump drives mentioned here. It comes with password lock software and auto zip software that make your data more secure. No worries for Mac users as it support both Windows and Mac. This is one of the best jump drives in terms of appearance. You don’t have to think about the quality. Sony products are always very good in quality and design. Price is a bit higher as expected. Price at is $33.99. Sony offers one year limited warranty for this USM-D MicroVault Ultra Mini 64MB USB jump drive.

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    Iomega Micro Mini 64MB USB 2.0 Drive

    Iomega Micro Mini 64MB USB 2.0 Drive Our last consideration for the best 64MB jump drive title is the Iomega Micro Mini 64MB USB 2.0 Drive. It is one of the smallest USB drives in this category that comes with lots of additional features.

    This tiny little piece performs better than expected from such a little tool. You may expect higher data transfer rates from this USB 2.0 drive and it works well on both Windows and Mac computers. At a reasonable price of $28.99 it also offers several other components such as a lanyard and USB extension cable. Iomega Micro Mini comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

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    Best 64MB Jump Drive - It's Time to Decide

    It’s time to decide what the best 64MB jump drive is? Let’s summarize all the facts in the following graph. Then it’s easy to decide the best USB flash drive.Finally Result of the Analysis of Best 64 MB Jump Drives 

    Note: N/A means the seller’s website hasn’t mentioned the particular information. Limit. means the warranty is a limited warranty.

    Now we offer points for each jump drive based on above data and other related details. Here is how the USB flash drives have scored.

    Best 64MB Jump Drive 

    It’s clear that SanDisk leads the game by having the best average. Sony and Iomega share the second place. Lexar gets the last place because of its poor speed. SanDisk it is one of the best manufacturers of USB flash drives. Also many of their products have gained highly positive reviews. So our search for top five 64MB jump drives is concluded giving the best award to the SanDisk 64MB waterproof USB flash drive.