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Tips for Planning Office Farewell Parties

written by: Vikas Vij•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 11/18/2010

A well-planned office farewell party can achieve great goodwill and foster a closer bond between the company’s employees. Learn how to plan such office parties with efficiency and economy.

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    Office Farewell Party Planning Ideas

    Office Farewell Parties Building excellent professional relationships within the office helps to achieve group goals because the whole office works like a happy team. Employee management is all about managing the human and emotional aspects with sensitivity at the workplace. An employee who is leaving the organization should ideally be treated like a family member who is leaving the family. Toward this goal, an office farewell party can help a lot to maintain goodwill and a spirit of human bonding and personal respect.

    It is possible to have highly successful office farewell parties within your budget if there is great planning behind it. The following are some useful tips to plan a great farewell party for a colleague who is leaving or retiring.

    Set a Budget for the Farewell Party

    There should be a clear HR policy regarding office farewell parties with a specific budget earmarked for different categories of employees who leave or retire from the company after a certain period of time. A firm policy ensures that there is fairness and uniformity in terms of the scale of such parties. However, when there is no such policy in place, it is important to decide the budget for the party as a first step of the planning process.

    Delegate Roles and Responsibility to Volunteers

    The farewell party can be organized by office staff members, unless it is a large-scale party that requires professional arrangements. A few volunteers within the office can be entrusted with different responsibilities to prepare for the party. This ensures that no single employee is over-burdened with the planning tasks and the entire party gets conducted with a team spirit because of the participation and involvement of more people.

    Choose Games and Entertainment Fit for Office Environment

    Because it is an office party, make sure that the group games and entertainment programs conform to the ethics and principles followed by the company. Ideally, any loud music or outlandish games should be avoided. Fun and enjoyment is important, but try to keep things simple. Use creativity and imagination to make the party lively and seek volunteers who can add live entertainment to the party with their performing talents.

    Prepare an Interesting Farewell Address

    Make sure the theme of the party centers around the employee in whose honor the whole show is being conducted. The farewell address should be interesting, motivating and moving at the same time. Designate the job of preparing the address to one of the best writers in the office. Invite the employee for whom the party is to be given to also speak a few words to his or her colleagues.

    Present a Thoughtful Farewell Gift

    There are a wide range of office farewell gift ideas available on the Internet. You may also seek the opinion of someone who is close to the recipient and may be able to suggest the appropriate gift. Make sure that the budget for the gift has been approved by the office, or if the employees are making a contribution for it, the amount of contribution should be decided by consensus.

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