Home Office Makeover on a Budget

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There is marked increase in the desire to have a home office. In today’s demanding economy, many workers are required to work from home after they have punched the clock at the office. Others have embraced the flexibility that modern technology affords and are able to telecommute. Both of these all too common situations require a home office that is both practical and comfortable. The big question is, can you renovate your boring, cluttered home office into a fabulous and functional workspace, all for less than $1000?


The easiest and most cost effect way to create a beautiful workspace in your home is adding a fresh coat of paint. Colors can be chosen to suit your own personal style whether it’s traditional or contemporary. As a note of caution, remember you will be spending a lot of time in this space so think twice about picking a really strong color such as royal blue or fire engine red. A gallon of paint should be enough to cover the walls of the average home office. Now that the walls are all freshened up, let’s not forget to add some art, to inspire. Get ready to hang pieces that suit whatever your style may be. A digital photo frame loaded full of pictures of family and fun provide inexpensive smiles while sitting at your desk.

Storage & Organization

Keeping an office organized can be a full time job in of itself. Instead of shelling out the cash for a professional organizer, a trip to Ikea should be enough to solve all your storage needs and problems. As this is a budget makeover, the essentials you should consider are a large filing cabinet, and a strong bookcase. Remember you plan on building your business so make sure you purchase more storage space than what you currently need. A nice and inexpensive touch to help keep the office organized is using cable cord organizers and cable turtles from CableOrganizer.com. These little items keep all your phone, printer, fax, and computer cords and cables from tangling with very little effort or money.


Most office work demands a good deal of time spent sitting in front of the computer. This results in a great deal of strain on the back and eyes. To solve to sore back issues consider purchasing a quality office chair with plenty of lumbar support and plenty of adjustability available at any office store as Staples and OfficeMax. If you like to look of your current office chair but would like added comfort and support for little money consider purchasing a Compu-Cush Seat Cushion.


Purely Anion Light bulbs provide great warm white light and are also negative ion generators. The negative ions produced remove cigarette smoke, dust, mites, and animal dander leaving the air in your home office cleaner, fresher and healthier.


The meat and potatoes of any home office are the desk and the computer on it. Desks to match your chosen style can be found at reasonable prices at Staples or OfficeMax. Since a quality new computer would consume the entire budget, you’ll have to work with what you already have. This means upgrades and additions. Tune Up Utilities 2009 software win help you get the most out of your current computer. Updating your printer to the Lexmark X7675 Professional Printer will amplify efficiency with its wireless capabilities, two-sided printing, and extra large ink cartridges. This printer is an all in one with fax machine, copier, scanner, and wireless printing. To help keep your iPhone and iPod charged and ready for action the iSound Twin Charger available for around $30.00 from Amazon.com adds a nice touch of modern class, saves space and reduces the amount of wires. Spracht Aura SOHO conference phone with its modern, sleek design, encompasses the latest in acoustic technology, and will bring your office into the 21st century.

The greatest advantage of the home office is you can truly make it your own space. You can chose which ever style, colors and technology to suit your tastes. A $1000 budget can go a long way in improving not only the look but also the productivity of your office.