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Preventing Others From Violating Your Copyrights

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 5/20/2010

There are several ways to protect your own copyrighted works from being violated. Read on for a few tips on how to make it clear that your work is protected under copyright laws.

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    7 Steps to Prevent Copyright Violations

    There are 7 steps you can take to protect your copyrighted works and prevent copyright violations:

    1. Embed the Copyright Symbol

    When possible, embed the copyright symbol into your work. Although this isn’t legally necessary to protect the work, it will discourage people from reusing your work by letting them know you have registered for a copyright. copyright 

    2. Embed your Company Trademark

    If the copyrighted material belongs to your company, embed the company trademark into the work. This may be as simple as adding a disclaimer at the beginning or end of the work.

    3. Register your Work

    Register for a copyright; don’t just put a copyright symbol on your work. Having written proof in the form of a certificate is all you’ll need to make a copyright violator “cease and desist" using your work if and when it happens.

    4. Scan for Violations

    If your work can be reproduced and distributed on the Internet, occasionally scan for parts of the work to see if your work is being used without your consent. If you find infringements, send a Cease and Desist letter to the perpetrator.

    5. Join an Organization

    Organizations exist where groups of copyright owners work together to protect their interests. Groups exist for music recordings, broadcasts, and films, among others.

    6. Protect your Work with Technology

    When possible, as in the case of software CDs and movie DVDs, use existing technology to protect your work from being copied by those who purchase it. Make it impossible for people to make duplicates of your work by employing available safeguards.

    7. Stay up to Date on Copyright Law

    Although the laws don’t change often regarding copyrights, there may be things you don’t know. For instance, if an employee creates a unique work while working for you, the copyright will belong to your company. This is not the case if a contractor creates the work. Know your rights and learn about the law. Copyright law means different things to different people, too; learn how the law affects you and your business or product.

How to Prevent and Avoid Copyright Violations

Learn how to protect your own work from copyright violations as well as how to avoid infringing on others’ copyrights.
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