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Using Keyboard Shortcuts in DVD Studio Pro

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/4/2011

Keyboard quick keys can make any DVD authoring project faster and more enjoyable. Learn about some of the most useful ones for your project.

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    Creating DVDs

    DVD Studio Pro, like its editing counterpart Final Cut Pro, can be a lengthy creative and organizational process. Since there is so much creation and alteration that must go into DVD authoring, it is inevitable that going through a number of menus to get to every function you need would be time intensive. Thankfully there are quick key shortcuts for most of the needed functions within the program.

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    File Options

    To start a new project you can press Command and N. To open an existing project you just Command and O, and to close it up you press Command and W. To save your DVD project you press Command and S, and to Save As you press Shift, Command and S. To give a simulation of the DVD you are creating you can press Option, Command, and O. To finally burn the actual DVD copy of the project you can press Option, Command, and B.

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    To undo any action you did you can hit Command and Z, and to redo it you simply click Shift, Command and Z. To Cut you press Command and X, to Copy it is Command and C, and Paste is Command and V.

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    Asset and Tool Management

    If you want to create a new folder for your media assets press Shift, Command and N. If you want to hide the Inspector tool you can press Option, Command, and I, and to hide the Palette tool you hit Option, Command, and P. To minimize any window in DVD Studio Pro you just push Command and M. If you are looking to lock all of the tiles in the project you can just press L.

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    Adding Elements

    If you would like to create a Menu in your project you can just press Command and Y. A new video track is Control, Command, and T, and a new picture slideshow is Command and K. A new script is Command and the ‘ key, and a new language option is Command and the / button. To add a new Story you press Shift, Command, and T. To create a sub-menu within one of the menus you press Option, Command, and Y.

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    If you want to show all the available fonts while you are working with text you can press Command and T. To make the text bold press Command and B, for Italic press Command and I, and to have it underline press Command and U. To show all the possible colors select Shift, Command, and C.

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    Scratching the Surface

    This is just a few of the many quick key shortcuts that can make DVD authoring a breeze. Try them out, and see if you can find a few more within this detailed program.