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Free Templates for Event Tickets

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/19/2010

Are you planning an event that you need to have tickets for? Taking advantage of an event ticket template that can be found online is a simple and cost free means of creating as many customized tickets as you need. Here, we’ll tell you where to find some and how to create your own.

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    Appealing Stubs

    An event ticket template is an easy and effective tool that will provide you with as many personalized tickets to your planned gathering as you will need. No matter what kind of event you’re planning or how many people you anticipate will buy a ticket and come to it, you can use templates that you find online to fashion a ticket that provides whatever details you want your guests to know about; dates, times, dress code, and what have you. A template makes it super easy to include all of that plus an image or design you might like to have on it. Incidentally, if you plan on having a raffle too, we’ve got you covered there too. Just read Where to Find Raffle Tickets and you’ll be provided with the information on the best websites to download your potential prize-winning vouchers.

    Since there is such a wide range of reasons that an event might be held for, we want to give you plenty of options so you can choose one that will suit your purposes well. Scouring the internet for the best templates, we’ve assembled them all here for your convenience and to save you time and money. A template is a quick and easy solution to so many desktop publishing projects because all the design and formatting work is already done and all you need do is insert the text, graphics, and images to make it your own. Find clip art or use appropriate images to upload onto the template to reflect the nature and theme of your event.

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    Microsoft Office Templates

    Event Ticket - Microsoft Office Let’s begin with these free and easy templates for event tickets you can access at The one shown to the right is laid out with the event name prominently displayed and with more subtle room for the organization/company name, date, time, and in an even smaller font; a brief description of what the gathering is all about. It also has a perforated line to detach the stub the patron keeps after gaining admittance. Although this one is designed to be downloaded and worked with in Microsoft Publisher but there are other offerings designed for Microsoft Word.

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    Event Tickets - Freetickicketprinting is a free online service dedicated to helping you make tickets for your event in the hopes of selling out every last spot. Just click on the Templates tab once you get to this link on their site at to see the building blocks they have to create the perfect ticket. You'll also find 6 easy steps on the left side of the webpage that explaining how to add text and images to the ticket, add sequential numbering, seating (if applicable) and finally, printing.

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    TicketBench Plus 6.17

    Event Tickets - Ticket Bench Plus 6.17 TicketBenchPlus allows you to design your tickets with text, graphics and serial numbering. This isn't an online application but rather a free software available for download which you can get here at It's not only a fine means to make tickets but it was also chosen for its ease of use due to the extensive help menu that comes with it.

    Alright, now you have three great methods of designing and printing free tickets for your event. With the time and money you save with any of these methods, you can go all out on the details that will make the event a success. And if you want some flyers to advertise for it in advance, be sure and check out the extremely popular Best Free Flyer Templates on the Web which walks you through that process.