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Where to Find Raffle Ticket Templates

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/13/2010

If raffle ticket templates are what you need for whatever function, event, fundraiser, or barn burner you’re involved with planning for, we’ve got some great resources to get you some quick. If this is a little task you’d like to undertake to save some money, here’s how to do it.

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    Tickets Here!

    A raffle ticket template can be used by anybody that may need raffle tickets for any reason whatsoever. But obviously, one raffle ticket isn’t going to do anyone much good unless they’re a one man band intending to hold a raffle in which they’re guaranteed to win the prize that they must have bought for themselves to begin with. But I suppose that winning the raffle could be a surprise if the individual in the one man band coincidentally suffered from a multiple personality disorder. But before we delve too deeply into statistical anomalies, let’s get right to the sources for raffle ticket templates that will give you many tickets with sequential numbers for however many people you think might buy into it. We’ll set the question of the “Lone Raffler" aside for now.

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    Microsoft Office Templates

    Raffle Tickets Microsoft Office With raffle tickets, it’s easy to get a lot to print out on one standard sheet of printer page which can be cut by DIY purists, or you can buy some specially made printer paper that corresponds to how large each individual ticket is designed to be. Depending upon personal preferences and the amount of tickets you anticipate selling, you have a certain amount of latitude in choosing the size of your tickets.

    Traditionally, raffle tickets are rather small. You’ve most likely encountered them at any carnival, bazaar, church function, or sporting event where a “50-50" raffle is held. Small businesses can benefit from a raffle by building a little excitement for the chance to win one of their premier products or services. There are several options available at There are options for six tickets per page, two tickets per page, and the rest are for single tickets of various sizes.

    Some are meant to be downloaded and worked within Microsoft Word while the others are designed for Microsoft Publisher. Just choose the template you like best and download it and start customizing it with the intuitive instructions provided. Need some flyers to announce the raffle? Then all you need do is read the best flyer templates.

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    Raffle Tickets - ThePaperMillStore Another source for DIY raffle tickets can be found at These free templates give you eight per sheet and can be used on a PC or a Mac. Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Illustrator are among the software programs you can download them into in order to customize. Ample instructions are provided at that site for your convenience.

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    Raffle Tickets - TicketPrinting Another great source with tons of options of tickets for many different occasions is at Whether they're for a political rally, a holiday event, or many other themed occasions, this site has an easy way for you to customize however many you'll need. Incidentally, if these tickets are for a school, you might want to refer to the very helpful article; how to raise money in schools for some sage advice.

    So now you’ve got a few of the best options to make your own raffle tickets using templates online. These sites make it easy for you to accomplish the task and the rest is up to you.