Retro Brushes: Photoshop Vintage-Style Brushpacks for Free!

There is something to be said for the retro revival that seems to take place every few years or so. More and more people are digging through closets to find mom and dad’s vintage clothing, or browsing flea markets to find some kitschy decor for their house. Why not bring the retro revival into your projects with these retro brushes? Photoshop compatible, these brushes are100% free to use.

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Retro Cassettes

Retro Cassettes by agshx

Gone are the days of laying in front of your stereo, waiting for the radio DJ to play the perfect song for you to put on your mix tape. Still, Retro Casettes – a set of seven old cassette brushes by agshx – can bring back that feeling with a little bit of style!

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Retro I

Retro I by GrayscaleStock

GrayscaleStock shows us that retro doesn’t always have to be gaudy and overly kitschy. Retro I is a set of ten, very simple maximum resolution brushes with a very elegant feel to them.

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Retro Dots

Retro Dots by Chachai

If you’re looking for that nifty halftone-effect in a set of brushes, Retro Dots by Chachai is absolutely for you. This is a set of twenty four retro-style high-resolution brushes.

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Retro Sryle

Retro Sryle by circle of fire

If you’re looking for a large set of hand drawn retro brushes, Retro Sryle by circle–of–fire is just what you need! Scribbles an doodles, as well as some nifty stars, smoke, and lightening brushes round out this pack. Includes over 60 retro brushes for Photoshop.

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Retro Drinks

Brush Set 16 Retro Drinks by punksafetypin

Once again, punksafetypin has managed to come through with a set of awesome brushes to use. Retro Drinks includes a pack of six brushes, all images that were taken from a book from the 70s. The retro feeling in this one is absolutely awesome.

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Retro Brush Set

Retro Brush Set by PhotoshopCS2DOWNLOAD

Retro Brush Set by PhotoshopCS2DOWNLOAD reminds me of the first time I stared into a lava lamp. This pack contains five groovy brushes: Two circular shapes, two abstract shapes, and one plain shape. Far out!

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Retro Ornaments

Brush Set 63 Retro Ornaments by punksafetypin

I’m going to have to feature punksafetypin again, because she’s managed to create another very awesome retro brush set. This time she’s come up with Retro Ornaments, a pack of seven different, elaborate, and very vintage brushes.

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Retro Vectors Brushes

Retro Vectors Brushes by redheadstock

It just doesn’t seem like a brush feature without a little something from redheadstock. This time she’s come up with Retro Vectors brush, a set of 32 high resolution brushes that are extremely retro in feel. This includes halftone dots, circle patterns, lava lamp like blobs, and of course the ever popular 60’s flowers.

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Retro II

Retro II by Catastrophical

Catastrophical has created a fantastic pack called Retro II. These brushes have a very nice vintage minimalistic feel, with the perfect amount of grunge to make them fit into a variety of different projects.

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Retro Images

Retro Images by absolutbeginner

I think absolutbeginner takes first place in this feature, as her set of Retro Images has the most detailed, retro feel to it. This is a set of high resolution brushes featuring little cartoons and graphics from the 1960s and 1970s that seem all too perfect for any number of projects.

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