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Animal Coloring Sheets for Desktop Publishing Projects

written by: Brandy A Burgess•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 9/29/2010

Find a wide assortment of animal coloring sheets to be used in your various desktop publishing projects.

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    Animal Coloring Resources

    If you are searching for free animal coloring sheets, you have come to the right place. Animals are a very popular subject that can beButterfly  used in various desktop publishing projects, scrapbooks, or home and school activities. There is no doubt that children enjoy looking and coloring in pictures of their favorite creatures. Use the following animal pages to enhance your creative abilities and your projects. Download to your computer or print the coloring sheets from the links that will be provided below.

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    Free Animal Coloring Pages

    Alligator At, you will find a list of animal categories that will lead you to printable coloring sheets. Enjoy using animals such as a baby hippo or pig for the cover of a baby shower invitation or incorporate elephants into your project for a circus theme. is devoted to providing free coloring sheets, games, and puzzles to children.

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    Print ‘N’ Go Coloring Book

    National Geographic brings us realistic coloring sheets with our favorite animals from around the world. Not only can you learn theMonarch Butterfly  proper names for these popular zoo animals, such as the bottlenose dolphin and monarch butterfly, you can also have fun coloring these images or using them for a class project. The Print ‘N’ Go Coloring Book is perfect for kids of all ages.

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    Kaboose Free Animal Pages

    Koala Kaboose offers children and adults a wide range of educational information, crafts, and activities for every holiday. On the Kaboose animal coloring page, you will find an assortment of animal coloring sheets. Not only do these coloring sheets have clear and fun images to color or use in your project, but they also provide educational information on each animal.

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    Color Mountain Animal Sheets

    The Color Mountain has downloadable and printable animal coloring pages from bats to bears. Find selections for your desktopBear  publishing project including farm animals and popular creatures you’d find at your local zoo. Find your favorite animal in its natural setting or participating in eating, playing, or swimming.

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    DLTK’s Growing Together

    Zebra The DLTK Growing Together website is one of the best educational and entertaining resources for children online. Find hundreds of fun activities, puzzles, games, and coloring sheets to download or print. Use the animal index to pick an animal according to the first letter in its name. From ant to zebra, DLTK has every animal you need for your coloring, scrapbook, or desktop publishing project.

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    Using Animal Coloring Pages

    With these animal coloring pages, you and your little one can have hours of fun. Animal images are also perfect for many desktop publishing projects including event invitations, posters, e-mails, articles, scrapbooks, and much more. Create a collage of your favorite animals or put together an animal theme, such as zoo animals, animals on the farm, or wacky animals found in the wild. The possibilities are endless when these animal coloring pages are incorporated into your projects.

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