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10 Top Christmas Party Invitation Templates

written by: Michael Guerrero•edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 11/28/2010

This article contains 10 of the best Christmas party invitation templates that are free to use. There is a wide variety of invitations for different types of Christmas season parties.

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    Holly Jolly Template

    Holly Jolly Christmas Invitation This template isn't the picture of a traditional Christmas invitation you might be used to because of all the bright colors but it's definitely a fun alternative to the norm for a get together for friends. This is a definite must-use for a fun party amongst friends and family members who are looking for a party oasis during the holiday season.


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    Happy Holidays Invitation Template

    Happy Holiday Invitation 

    This is more of a traditional invitation that I feel fits the normal look Christmas party invitations. With more subdued colors are calm and very welcoming. This is a great template for small parties or dinners for close friends and family.


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    Merry Christmas Invitation Template

    Merry Christmas Invitation I really like this design because of the traditional colors and the simplicity makes it very easy on the eyes. This is sort of middle of the road for fun and intimate so it's really your choice as to what kind of party you would like to attach to the invitation.


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    A Toast to Christmas Cheer Invitation Template

    The colors on this invitation template are really lovely and modern without losing the Christmas feel. Again, this is one of those templates you might use for a more intimate gathering amongst family and neighbors for hot chocolate.

    Source: ChristmasTimeClipArt.comA Toast to Christmas Cheer 

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    Cookie Exchange Template Invitation

    Cookie Exchange Invitation What's the holiday without cookies? Cookie exchange parties are great because you can get parents and kids together to make their own cookies to share amongst friends and family. This template is a fun, inviting way to get your friends and their children to get together and exchange cookies and cookie recipes.


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    It's A Party Invitation Template

    It's A Party Invtiation 

    This modern design is one which I love because the colors and gradients blend together extremely well and even though it has a lot going on it's not confusing or too busy. This template is probably the best choice for a large Christmas party amongst a lot of friends because of it's flashy, fun appearance.


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    Celebrate the Season Invitation Template

    Celebrate the Season Invitation The look of this invitation is really cool and simple which is ideal for those who aren't looking to over-do their invitations with flashy graphics and too much text.This is a more traditional invitation for those looking for a more simple invitation for a quiet dinner party amongst friends.


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    Holiday Dinner and Auction Invitation

    This Christmas invitation template is great for community centers or charities who are planning on holding a holiday dinner and auction but can be easily converted to suit any other themed party looking for an elegant, modern design.

    Source: ChristmasTimeClipArt.comHoliday Dinner and Auction Invitation 

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    Holiday Cocktail Party Invitation Template

    Holiday Party Invitation This is probably my favorite invitation template color scheme wise and has a very solid design. The intricate snowflake designs are incredibly elegant and provide a look that can be construed as both modern and vintage. Definitely have a look at this design if you plan on having a small cocktail party amongst friends.


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    Red Star Invitation Template

    Another favorite as far as design goes. This is an incredibly simple, yet eloquent, modern design that is well-suited for a party who's company includes only the closest of friends and family.

    Source: ChristmasTimeClipArt.comMerry Christmas Invitation 

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