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Best Places for Finding Different Fonts

written by: Nicholas•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/23/2010

Looking for the best places to find fonts? This compilation features several free font websites, as well as premium font websites. Whether you are just browsing for a good font, or are looking for a specific font, these sites should guide you in the right direction.

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    Capture Wondering, where do I find different fonts? Well, if you're looking for completely free fonts, available for immediate download, has a great selection to choose from. has their fonts categorized into 9 major groups: fancy, foreign look, techno, bitmap, gothic, basic, script, dingbats, and holiday. This makes it very easy to find a style of typography that you would like to use.

    For example, if you are doing a design based on space, you may want to checkout the techno fonts category. Alternatively, if you are designing a Christmas card, you may want to check out the holiday fonts category. also alphabetizes all of their fonts, making it easy to find a specific font, if you already know the name of it. One notable feature of dafont is the built-in font previewing tool, which allows you to preview your own text in a specific font, before downloading.

    Font downloading at is very simple. Just click the download button located to the right of each individual font that you want to download. has one of the largest selections of free fonts on the web.


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    urbanfonts is another free fonts website similar to You may want to check out both sites, as UrbanFonts and dafont have quite a different selection. If you are looking for a free font, and does not have it, UrbanFonts probably will.

    As far as site organization, UrbanFonts uses 48 different categories to organize their fonts, which you can check out upon visiting the site. UrbanFonts also has an alphabetical index for their fonts, which makes it handy when looking for specific fonts or searching for fonts that start with a certain letter.

    For example, UrbanFont's alphabetical index was used when writing The Alphabet in Different Fonts. Like, also has a built-in font previewer, where you can type in your own custom text and sample a font before downloading. However,'s previewer also allows you to change the color of the font, as well as the background. This is a very convenient feature to have, especially for artists and designers. Some fonts look good in black, but not so much when changed to a different color.


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    Adobe Type (paid)

    adobe font folio Wondering, where do I find fonts such as Helvetica, Myriad, and more? For these specific fonts, you are probably going to want to use Adobe Type. You may already be familiar with Adobe, as they are the maker of several premium design and editing applications such as Photobooth, Dreamweaver, Flex, etc.

    How much does a font from Adobe cost? Approximately $29.00 for an individual font. However, you can buy entire font packs and font families for much more. For example, the popular font pack Helevetica costs $360.00. In most cases, purchasing font families is worth the extra money because you will get several fonts. Certain font packs contain over 50 fonts in 10 different variations. Helevetica is the number one font of artists and graphic designers.

    Visit Adobe Type

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