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Free Online Certificate Templates

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 10/2/2009

If you're in need of generating a certificate for whatever reason, this article will provide several viable options which are only a click away. Read on to review your best options.

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    If you've landed on this article then you most likely have it in mind to produce your own certificate at the home or office and I'm sure you've got your reasons. Certificates and awards for recognition or achievement can easily be produced at the small business office or the home so long as you've got a PC, access to the internet, and a printer. The resources beolow will have all that you need in one place so take a gander at each and decide which one sounds the best for what you've got in mind.

    Incidentally, if you're not already familiar with Bright Hub's goal of providing small business owners with quick (and in many cases free) solutions to making many of the documents that they will need to run their company from marketing materials like brochures to those utilitarian necessities like fax cover sheets, consider yourself informed. For instance, check out this helpful and comprehensive list of available templates in Business Forms: Free Templates to Manage Your Small Business.

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    My Award Maker

    If you’re new to templates, the gist is that the design (including graphics, size, and layout) is already done for you with a template so that all you have to do is insert the appropriate information to customize the document to your specifications. You’ll find a worthy selection of free online certificate templates at to reward employees with a certificate for excellence, leadership skills, finishing course/training requirements, or whatever you want to insert onto the award.

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    Microsoft Office Online

    Microsoft also has many templates available at Microsoft Office Online. These are not all business-related, but you can customize a generic one to suit your purpose and now you know where to get one if you need it for your kids, for example.

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    Another source is at You have to register to get at their grab-bag of templates, but they claim to have a large library available, and the capability to build your own certificate from scratch if you’re feeling creative.