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About Jill Greenberg

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 10/29/2010

Jill Greenberg is one of the more popular photographers who presents her photos in unique ways. She has a creative vision of enhancing and recreating images by drawing, painting and with the use of digital imaging. Learn more about her and her contributions in photography.

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    Jill Greenberg is a respected but highly controversial photographer best known for her stunning portrayals of all sorts of subjects - from grizzly bears to crying children. She has worked for some of the most notable corporations in the world. Her work has also appeared on the cover of numerous US and global publications.

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    Photography by Jill Greenberg Born on July 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jill Greenberg grew up in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 10, Greenberg became interested in photography. She is a gifted artist who is able to create characters using various mediums aside from photography, like painting, drawing, and sculpturing. In hopes of honing her skills, she went to the Rhode Island School of Design, where she graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. She later moved to New York in hopes of pursuing a career in photography. To enhance her creative skills, she enrolled in a School for Visual Arts focusing on Photoshop 1.0, Studio Art and Contemporary Art History. Later she moved to Los Angeles, California where she met her future husband and now currently resides there with their 2 children.

    Photography by Jill Greenberg Jill Greenberg’s roster of clients is impressive, proof of her skills and reputation as a famous photographer and photo editor. She has done commercial works for some of the most reputable names like Microsoft, Philip Morris, Coca Cola, Dreamworks, Pepsi, MTV, Sony Music, Warner Bros., MGM, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Polaroid, Smirnoff, and Atlantic Records. Likewise, her photos have been used by various publications like US News, Time Magazine, Newsweek, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and Wired.

    Her works have also been featured in The New Yorker, Harper’s and the New Republic. Her series of photos on monkeys are also hot items among art collectors around the world. Her artwork has been exhibited in different cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

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    Jill Greenberg Photography Jill Greenberg Photography While Jill Greenberg is one of the more popular photographers of her era, she also happens to be one of the most controversial photographers. Critics have bashed her for her techniques in capturing images of her subjects, from crying children to her portrayal of presidential candidate John McCain in 2008.

    In her exhibit called End Times, Jill Greenberg showed different photos of infants and toddlers crying and throwing tantrums. One photography enthusiasts revealed Greenberg’s rather sadistic way of inducing her subjects to cry - she gives them lollipop and then suddenly takes it away. The story was revealed in a blog which turned viral and eventually passed on to millions of internet users around the world. Many condemned Greenberg’s methods, especially parents.

    McCain by Jill Greenberg In 2008, Jill Greenberg caused another controversy with her photograph of Republican nominee John McCain which landed on the cover of the Atlantic magazine. Greenberg admitted that she shot the photo with different light conditions and angles to portray McCain in an embarrassing way. She was also said to have shot extra images which she altered and posted on her website. The Atlantic magazine then issued an apology to McCain and condemned Greenberg’s unprofessionalism especially with her posting of unflattering and manipulated images of the Republican nominee. These are just some of the controversies that have hounded Jill Greenberg.

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    The Manipulator

    Jill Greenberg's official studio online - The Manipulator - showcases her amazing photography, artworks, awards and more information about her. "Manipulator" was used by Greenberg to generally present herself as a photographer and an artist. As an expert in the field of art and photography, Greenberg has received numerous awards since 1997 for her outstanding digital imaging and fine art photography skills.

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