Famous Photographer Biographies: Learning about Famous Photographers

Looking for a biography about a famous photographer? Read about various famous photographers who have marked their place in the world of photography.

Iconic Photographers of the 1960s

The 1960s was a time when the young began to have a voice and music, films, politics and culture shifted to celebrate this new era. Photographers of the time became famous in their own right as fashion magazines and celebrities wanted to be captured in the new and innovative style.

Biographies of Famous Photographers

Throughout time, photographers have caught people and events on camera to let us relive that moment in our history. With these photos, we can study, remember and visualize what the era was like, where we were and what we need to change. Biographies of such photographers are listed here.

Paris and the Documentary Photography of Eugene Atget

Eugène Atget saw himself not as an art photographer, but as a documenter of Old Paris and provider of references to artists. Yet it is because his work was so straightforward that he became lauded as an artist after his death, when his work had enormous influence on later documentary photographers.

Man Ray: Surrealism & Photographic Invention

Man Ray was a photographer who was an important part of the birth if surrealism in the 1920s. His photography pushed the boundaries of the medium and moved it away from the pictorialism prevalent at the time. Man Ray created new photographic techniques such as the Rayograph and Solarization.

Fine Art Photographers Bernd And Hilla Becher

Bernd and Hilla Becher are a husband-and-wife team of German photographers, best known for their extensive series of photographs of the industrial landscape. Their technically perfect photographs had a conceptual basis that elevated the work from “merely” documentary to the realm of fine art.

Nan Goldin Photography and the Snapshot

Nan Goldin is a photographer who has used the life of herself and her friends to make stark snapshot images of everyday life. In New York’s subculture of drugs, drag queens, sex and violence. Goldin’s intimate portraits preserve moments in time and democratize the photograph.

Francesca Woodman: Performance & Identity

Francesca Woodman lived only 22 years but produced over 800 photographic images. Woodman’s self-portraits do not fit neatly into a catergory but are influenced by surrealism, modernism and gothic art. Woodman’s images explore ideas about the self, femininity and photography itself.

The Photography and Films of Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders, the German born film maker and photographer, has been exploring American culture since the late 1960s through his films and photographs. Wenders was one of the few participants of the “New German Cinema” that attended film school and this is reflected in his technical prowess.

Sophie Calle Images: Making Life into Art

Sophie Calle has been a photographer and artist for over forty years. Calle creates images that document scenarios that are real and that have been staged. Calle produces books, diaries, images and stories that interconnect text and pictures to tell stories.