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Top 10 Christmas Presents for Your Wife

written by: KellenKautzman•edited by: Donna Cosmato•updated: 8/31/2010

What are you going to do this Christmas to put the spark in your wife’s eye? It’s a lot easier than you think. These top 10 Christmas presents will warm the fire of the woman you promised to spend the rest of your life with, your wife.

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    10. A Customized Website / Blog

    Top Christmas Present for your Wife - Website 

    Spend the time to create a website or blog dedicated to the awesomeness that is your wife. Include songs, photos, and video where applicable. She will absolutely adore you if you do it well. You can always add to it in the future and share it with friends and family. A carefully thought out website definitely fits within the top 10 Christmas presents for your wife this year!

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    9. Technology

    Top Christmas Present - Technology Don’t discount your wife’s love of the gadget. She might appreciate the latest computer just as much as you would. You understand your wife better than anyone. If she loves computers you should consider getting her one this Christmas. Digital cameras, laptops, desktops, smartphones and whatever new technology exists all fall into the realm of presents she might love!

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    8. Surprise

    Top Christmas Present - Surprise 

    Surprises keep relationships feeling light and new. Light some candles and be waiting for her one day after work, food already cooked, house already cleaned, and love already in the air. You’ll both love it, and it will put you in the Christmas spirit.

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    7. Give her a Girl’s Night Out

    Top Christmas present - Girl's Night Out! 

    If your wife is stressed, she deserves a night out. Giving her time with her good friends is a very thoughtful Christmas present. Get in contact with her friends to set up a time when they can all get together while you deal with the chores at home. This gesture’s simplicity easily places it as number seven on the list of top 10 Christmas presents.

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    6. Your Kind Attitude

    Top Christmas Present - A Good Attitude 

    This may not by a physical gift, but it is incredibly important. You can buy her a new car, but still act like a jerk, and ruin everything. Don’t do it. Promise to stay calm, be giving, and enjoy every moment to the best of your ability this Christmas season. This simple act of self-control and kindness is a top Christmas present for sure.

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    5. Housekeeping

    Top Christmas Present - Good Housekeeping If you pay for housekeeping for a few weeks, or promise to do it yourself, you liberate your wife from the ball and chain of household responsibility. This will put a smile on her face and the spirit of Christmas will reign with this number five Christmas present on the top 10 list.

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    4. Diamonds

    Top Christmas Present - Diamonds 

    Not all diamonds are ridiculously expensive. A nice band can still be purchased for under $100. Take your time to shop for the right diamond Christmas present this year to put the sparkle back into your wife’s eye.

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    3. The Spa Treatment

    Top Christmas Present - The Spa Treatment 

    Let the pampering continue. Get your wife an pre-paid appointment, for a massage, a facial, a manicure, and a pedicure. Your wife will come home happy and pampered with this glorious satisfaction that you helped created. After all love, is the essence of the Christmas season.

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    2. Second Honeymoon

    Top Christmas Present - Second Honeymoon 

    Who doesn’t love a good honeymoon? How about second honeymoons? Take the love of your life on an unforgettable vacation. This requires some planning on your part, but it is worth every moment. You plan the vacation for February, and have it double as a Christmas and Valentine Day present.

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    1. Renew Your Vows

    Top Christmas Present - Renew Vows During the Christmas celebration, have your new vows written. Bring out the poet in you, and let your wife know just how much you love her by renewing your vows. If you do this right, you will be touching on the true meaning of Christmas and neither you, nor your wife, will ever forget it. Let her know how much you love her and what you are willing to do for her.

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    Whether it's a girl's night out, making the house spotless, a cucumber facial, or reminding your wife why she's the one, it is the thought that counts. Keep your beautiful wife smiling this Christmas by planning a thoughtful gift from the heart.

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