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Top Ten Apps for Nokia N73

written by: S. R. Obbayi•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/26/2010

The Nokia N73 is a great multimedia and camera phone with a few business capabilities. With a few more apps, the Nokia N73 can be a much better phone. Let us find out which Nokia N73 software can best enhance the Nokia N73 user experience.

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    Opera Mobile

    opera mobile Opera Mobile for the Nokia N73 is a powerful web browser that is capable of displaying full web pages as well as mobile versions of websites. This feature can be controlled completely by the user. The user interface is intuitive in that it makes it easier to type in web addresses and search online. Also another feature that makes the user interface quite unique is the speed dial feature. This feature allows the user to have instant access to their favorite bookmarked websites through the nine icons on the home page. The user interface of Opera Mobile for the Nokia N73 boasts fluid scrolling effects on content and navigation buttons. There is also a Navigation bar and a multitasking tabbed browsing feature that comes with Opera Mobile.

    The Opera Mobile Nokia N73 software allows the user to manage the browsing history, which Opera Mobile maintains by sorting by date. Opera Mobile speeds up the user browsing experience as it supports server side data compression. This helps in reducing the amount of data that transfers between your phone and the web server consequently saving on data charges. Opera Mobile on the Nokia N73 stands out as a far better looking, much faster and a far more intuitive web browser than the native Nokia N73 web browser. You can download Opera Mobile for absolutely free by pointing your Nokia N73 web browsers to

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    Qik Video Camera

    Qik video camera Qik Video Camera on the Nokia N73 is an app that lets the user record and share videos with friends, family and the public. You can share whatever is happening in real-time and have your friends watch as it occurs. With Qik Video Camera you can also share your video recordings on your favorite social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks.

    You can choose to exchange video messages privately through Email or SMS. With the Qik Video Camera for Nokia N73 software you can choose to save your location and as you share the video it is automatically saved on the Qik website therefore it can be viewed later on your Nokia N73 phone or your PC or Mac. Qik Video Camera also allows you to have conversations with the people watching your videos and download and burn them onto DVDs.

    Other functions of Qik include high quality video recording, offline recording, monetization of Qik through Brightcove, localization in 19 regions and plug-ins for popular blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr. Qik can be downloaded for free and the premium version for $0.99 at the Nokia Ovi Store.

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    fring Fring for the Nokia N73 is a favorite social networking and instant messaging Nokia application. It allows the user to connect to their favorite IM services such as Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, AIM and ICQ. With Fring on the Nokia N73 you can chat and make voice calls which include video calls. This however is controversial as Skype recently banned Fring from using its API to make video calls. Other services you can access using the Fring Nokia N73 software are Facebook, and Twitter.

    Fring has an intuitive tabbed interface which you can use to access your different services simultaneously. Fring has also got the ability to access your Nokia N73 phone book which it combines with the contacts that are managed by the several online services that Fring connects to. With Fring you can also develop your own widgets and apps and even share them with the general public

    Fring can be downloaded here or directly on your phone for absolutely free from

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    This guide takes a look at some of the Nokia N73 software from the top ten Nokia N73 apps which consist of the best answering machine, the youtube mobile app and Worldmate travel app for Nokia N73
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    worldmate maps Worldmate is a travel app that is a must have travel companion on the Nokia N73. This app features a wide variety of services and information. With the Worldmate on Nokia N73 software you can receive travel alerts in real time and find out when your flight is delayed, diverted or canceled. Even information like gate changes are also covered by Worldmate. If your flight is canceled you can search for other flights which may still get you to your destination.

    Worldmate also keeps track of the flight status for over 350 international airlines and makes them available to you on your Nokia N73. With flight schedules at your finger tips, you can become your own personal flight agent. Before you make that trip Worldmate on the Nokia N73 provides up to five days weather forecasts for your current location, destination or pretty much anywhere you choose in the world. There are five different clocks for five different cities around the world. As you travel with Worldmate for Nokia N73 you do not need to worry about the currency conversion rates as Worldmate will take care of that for you. Finally you have access to weather imagery maps.

    You can download a limited version of Worldmate for Nokia N73 here. To subscribe for Gold membership to activate all the features above it will cost you $49.95.

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    Best Answering Machine

    best answering machine Another must have application is the Best Answering Machine for Nokia N73 by Smartphoneware. This application provides an intuitive interface that allows you to set up personalized greetings for all your contacts on the phone. Not only can you do this on you phone but also for certain phone numbers based on what they begin with. For example numbers with a certain area code. Best Answering Machine for Nokia N73 then allows you to take messages based on the settings you have set up.

    The Best Answering Machine for Nokia N73 software has a secondary function that saves users money on their voice mail charges on those carriers that charge for the service. So you no longer need to switch off your phone during that meeting, just set your Nokia N73 phone to silent and keep it on and let it handle all your calls. All these features that the Best Answering Machine brings comes at a modest price of about $10.95. Best Answering Machine can be bought from the smartphoneware store here while you can download the trial version from this link.

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    YouTube Mobile Application

    youtube The YouTube Mobile Application is available for Nokia S60 mobile phones. This versatile application lets the user access millions of videos from directly to your Nokia N73 phone. With this YouTube Mobile Application for Nokia N73 software you can have a personalized homepage to handle your subscriptions and recommendations. You can also upload videos directly from your Nokia N73 with the YouTube Mobile Application for Nokia N73 software. There is a quick access Navigation menu that you can fall back to any time to speedily access the YouTube website, access favorites, play-lists, subscriptions and other settings (where you can customize your experience while using the YouTube Mobile Application).

    With the YouTube Mobile Application you can also find videos with the easy to use search tool and record and play DVD quality videos direct on your phone. This is an entertainment application that can keep you occupied for hours on end and best of all it is available for free. You can download YouTube Mobile Application by visiting using your Nokia N73 phone.

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    Here we examine he Nokia N73 Software by featuring Gravity Twitter client, Best Taskman, Best Callrecorder and Nokia Internet Radio from the top ten list of Nokia N73 apps
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    Best TaskMan

    best taskman The Best TaskMan for Nokia N73 application is kind of a spin off from the Windows Task manager program. It allows the user to examine any running applications and control any tasks. The Best TaskMan for Nokia N73 software also has the ability to substitute the built-in system task manager and use the 'Alt-Tab' style task switcher. It also provides a unique way to access favorite applications and running processes. The Best TaskMan for Nokia N73 can also tell you exactly what programs are running on your smartphone, where these programs reside and how much memory they are using. Best TaskMan can be bought here for $7.95. You can download a demo version of Best TaskMan using this link.

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    Nokia Internet Radio

    nokia internet radio Nokia Internet Radio for Nokia N73 allows you to explore a wide array of Internet Radio stations from all over the world, numbering in the thousands. The stations that are available on the Nokia Internet Radio app can be accessed using GPRS or 3G on the Nokia N73. You can find the desired stations on the Nokia Internet Radio app by searching through the directory which allows searches by name, language, genre and location. There is also a list of the top stations to make it easier to find things worth listening to. To find out more about Nokia Internet Radio and compare it with others you can check out this link about the top Internet Radio Apps. You can download the Nokia Internet Radio app from Nokia Ovi Store.

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    gravity twitter Gravity on Nokia N73 is a social networking enabled application that allows you access and administer your Twitter account with ease and it goes on to allow you share photos on MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo,, Yfrog, and among others. With the Gravity Nokia N73 software you are able to also share and view links from other major social networking websites. The Twitter Gravity Client for Nokia N73 also comes with an intuitive tabbed user interface where it splits personal messages, timeline, mentions and friends. There is a full review of the Gravity Twitter Client here. You can download a demo version of Gravity here and upgrade to a full version for about $9.95.

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    Best CallRecorder

    best callrecorder The Best CallRecorder for Nokia N73 software is a utility application from Smartphoneware that lets the Nokia N73 user record calls. The Best CallRecorder for Nokia N73 is fully customizable and you can set it up to record calls based on phone numbers, incoming and outgoing calls, known and unknown numbers. The Best CallRecorder for Nokia N73 has also got the ability to eliminate the Beep sound that is custom with Nokia phones to prevent anonymous recording or calls if the user so wishes. Time can be limited on calls or unlimited on either call direction. You can find more on the Best callRecorder and other call recorders here.

    You can download a demo version of Best CallRecorder here and purchase the full version from the same link at $9.95.