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Guide to Recording Calls on a Nokia Phone

written by: S. R. Obbayi•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/25/2010

It may seem quite odd that there is no preloaded free call recording software for Nokia phones. Well at least not that I know of. So if you are interested in such software here are your options.

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    When looking for free call recording software for Nokia, you may realize how difficult it is to get the software that is free for life. There is no trusted vendor who offers free call recording software for Nokia phones unless it initially offers a trial period. I would recommend that you try out several options and see which one works best on your Nokia phone model, these phone recording software applications seem to have undefined behavior based on different models. With that in mind, I have rounded up four of the best call recording software applications for Nokia and I have made a point of showing what they offer.

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    Ultimate Voice Recorder

    Ultimate Voice Recorder By pressing a customizable hotkey, Ultimate Voice Recorder allows you to record both voice calls and memos. Ultimate Voice Recorder allows the user to eliminate the beep that is characteristic of voice call recordings. With Ultimate Voice Recorder you can set up call recording to go off automatically or manually. You can select where the recording should be saved, playback can be password protected. You can configure recording settings for individual contacts and unknown numbers. Ultimate Voice Recorder supports auto startup on phone power on, sending of recordings to other phones or email and auto delete of clips among other passive features.

    The No Beep feature seems not to work very well on some of the models I tested . No beep doesn't work on the Nokia E71 and the entire app doesn't seem to work on the Nokia N97. The good news is that there is a demo version of Ultimate Voice Recorder for download here. The full version is available for $14.95 from the same download location.

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    Best CallRecorder

    best callrecorder Best CallRecorder comes with an option to save recordings to a location on your choice and has an option to remove the Beep that can be heard when playing back recorded calls. Best CallRecorder has options for unlimited and timed recording, auto recording on a call by call basis or contact by contact basis. You can also set up recording rules for known or unknown numbers. Best CallRecorder can be downloaded from smartphoneware for a 15-day fully functional demo. The full unrestricted version costs $9.95.

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    Call Recorder Pro

    Call Recorder Pro Call Recorder Pro allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by setting up various rules. These rules include setting up the applications to automatically record the calls or manually on a per call basis. The rules you set on Call Recorder Pro can be applied on a contact by contact basis or by contact group basis. You can also set rules for phone numbers including using wild characters. Call Recorder Pro supports unlimited recording time, dual recording format, sending of recordings via Bluetooth, email or mms. You can download Call Recorder Pro here as a demo version. It will cost you $11.95 to get the full version.

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    Total Recall Call Recorder

    Total Recall Call Recorder The Total Recall Recorder comes with a utility that allows memos to be recorded as well as phone calls. This mobile phone call recorder has auto naming of recorded calls and the ability to attach notes to them. With Total Recall Recorder you are able to password protect recordings, and you can record without the beeping on Nokia S60 smartphones. You can also upload the recordings, send them via Bluetooth or email. There is unlimited recording that is only restricted by size of memory. You can set rules on a call by call basis and record calls based on individual contacts. You can download Total Recall Recorder as a 14 day demo to try.


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