Top Ten Free Samsung Monte Apps

The Samsung Monte GT-S5620 is an ideal mid-range capacitive touchscreen budget phone that comes with the Java platform for third party apps.

These apps make playing games, surfing the net, checking maps, reading documents and doing a host of other things easy and relatively cheap and most of the time downloading free Samsung Monte apps is the way to go.

The following list of Samsung Monte apps are all completely free, fun, productive or just plain interesting.

1. Opera Mini

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Opera Mini is the single most downloaded app for mobile phones.

A web browser that condenses internet traffic on its servers and then transfers it to your phone.

It supports tabbed browsing, speed dials and pause and play downloads.

The only drawback for this app is the lack of Flash support on the Samsung Monte.

Known for its superb looking interface and very fast speeds and no lag, no stutter functionality this is definitely one the best mobile phone web browsers out there.

[Download Link]

2. Ebuddy

Ebuddy is an Instant Messenger (IM) client that shows all your chat friends that are on AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, YAHOO! Messenger, MSN Instant messenger, ICQ, MySpace and Facebook chats in one window.

Providing easy access in a cool and customizable interface and with smiley support, photo sending options and multiple account set up this is one the best chat clients on the Samsung Monte.

[Download Link]

3. Google Maps

Google maps is a phone based Google maps app that features some excellent services such as the map view, satellite view, my location which utilizes the GPS function of the Samsung Monte and it also supports the directions to and from service.

This app comes pre-installed on the Monte.

The app does, however, take up a considerable amount of bandwidth so beware.

[Download Link]

4. KD Player

KD Player is an alternative media player that can play most music files from MP3 to WAV and WMA.

It has a customizable skin which is one of its most entertaining features and can access music from either the phone's internal memory or a memory card.

Fans can make and upload customs skins to share with everyone for free, it can even play MP4 videos depending on the resolution they are recorded at.

[Download Link]

5. Snaptu

Snaptu is a unique app that brings multiple services such as Facebook, Twitter, Football, Picasa, Flickr, AccuWeather, News and Blogs, Movies, Sudoku, Cricinfo, and many many more all into one interface that is easy to use and feels like an iPhone experience.

This app looks good, feels good and works smoothly without slowing down the phone or sucking up to much bandwidth.

[Download Link]

6. BT File Manager

file manager icon

BT File Manager is an easy to use and efficient file manger that can bypass the Samsung Monte’s somewhat glitchy transfer system.

Especially when transferring items between the phone onto the memory card.

Moving photos, songs movies, apps and anything else is a breeze with this app.

With a clean crisp interface native to the phones UI (user interface) and simple usage this is definitely one the best file managers on the Monte.

[Download Link]

7. UC Browser

A uniquer browser and second best to Opera Mini is the UC Browser.

The ace up its sleeve is it ability to condense traffic to 85 percent while surfing the net.

The addition of swiping back and forth without having to reload pages is an absolute bandwidth saver, not to mention it just feels and looks really cool.

And it has the single cutest browser mascot ever!

The perfect browser for someone on a 2G network or someone who fears high data charges from their service provider.

[Download Link]

8. Sportypal

SportyPal is an easy and intuitive app that has an amazing interface.

When you start to exercise it records your running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or freestyle stats. When you're done exercising, the amount of time, calories burned and distance are displayed and saved in your phone.

The app keeps running without getting in the way of normal phone operations, so listening to music, making and receiving calls is still all possible while using Sportypal.

What makes it really cool is that you can share this information by uploading it to the internet.

Although for that you need to register a free account at the Sportypal website.

[Download Link]

9. FunnyFace

A truly hilarious app that twists and turns any photo on it.

A perfect hangout app for friends and family, and its ability to upload your funny pics makes it even more fun.

[Download Link]

10. EggTimer

This is one small, cute, and sweet little app to help you make a perfectly boiled egg!.

You can choose between the three presets of supreme runny, perfect plasma and hardboiled.

Of course you can set a custom time as well.

It also sets the time according to whether you boil your eggs in cold water or start boiling them in hot water.

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