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Best Accessories for the HTC 7 Mozart

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

Finding HTC 7 Mozart accessories isn't a difficult undertaking - there are plenty to be had. But it is not so easy finding the ones that will perform a good job, in keeping with the stellar performance and stylish appearance of the phone. Here's our rundown of the best.

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    Clingo In Car Holder Mount For HTC 7 Mozart

    clingo It stands to reason that as the owner of one of the most stylish smartphones on the market, you are going to look for style and quality in accessories too. The Clingo In Car Holder Mount is one of the best HTC 7 Mozart accessories for filling that criteria. Whether you want it as a convenient place to scan your calls, listen to music, or more likely use your Mozart 7 as a GPS device, the Clingo provides outstanding performance, whilst taking nothing away from the appearance of the phone. Installation is quick and simple, and it is easily adjustable to any position you require, to ensure optimal viewing. Available for a reasonable £14.99 from

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    Amzer 3500 mAh Battery Backup Solar Charger For HTC 7 Mozart

    amzersolar By no means one of the cheapest HTC 7 Mozart accessories on the market, the Amzer backup battery and solar charger, will eventually pay for itself in many ways. We've all been in the situation where you have to make an important call only to have the battery fail on you, we're also acutely aware of how quickly smartphone batteries can become drained, and how frequently they need charging. Enter the Amzer solar charger! Not only will it come to your rescue as a backup battery, but by utilizing the solar powered charger function, you are saving money on electricity bills, as well as doing your bit for the environment. If you don't live in a particularly sunny environment then the battery can also be charged using the electrical adapter, car charger, or via USB from a computer - charging time is around 2.5 hours. I should also mention that the battery/charger is supremely stylish, and doesn't take up much room at all. Buy from for 60GBP.

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    Motorola S9HD Stereo Headphones (Bluetooth Headset) For HTC 7 Mozart

    motorolaheadset As the owner of an HTC 7 Mozart, accessories that mean high quality sound when listening to music are obviously extremely important to you. These Motorola S9HD headphones are the most expensive accessory in our top 5 list, but as music is the Mozart 7's specialist subject, you may feel that £104 is worth it. This pair of wireless headphones offers a superb listening experience, from noise isolating earbuds, to the high definition audio in powerful surround sound. The unique selling point of these particular headphones though, is that they can also be utilized as a Bluetooth headset with built-in microphone - as a call comes in the music will mute, and will then start up again when the call is complete. Available from

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    Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

    samsungbluetooth If you are going to walk around seemingly talking to yourself, then you might as well do it in style, with the Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth headset. As accessories for HTC 7 Mozart go, it is a lightweight option only in real terms, the performance is heavyweight all the way. The Samsung WEP200 is a compact headset that sits very comfortably in either ear, with easily accessible buttons that are tactile to use. The sound quality is very high considering the size and price of the product. A single charge should give you around 4 hours talk time, with up to 70 hours stand-by time, which is pretty impressive for a product of this size. And after several hours use you will be pleased at how lightweight the headset is, at just 9g. For your 26GBP, you also get a black charging case that doubles as a storage case too. Available from

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    HTC 7 Mozart 2-Slot USB Car Charger

    htc-mozart-2-slot-usb-car-charger-cc-c300 HTC 7 Mozart accessories, tend to revolve around either sound, protection, or charging - smartphones notoriously use up lots of power, which is where this next gadget comes in.

    From the HTC logo on this 2 slot USB car charger, you already know you are getting a quality product. Most households now are "multi-mobile", which is where this particular car charger comes into its own, being able to charge 2 devices in your car, at the same time. You could even charge your phone using one slot, and charge an extra battery, or even iPod with the other. You only get one micro USB cable with this charger though, which may be something to bear in mind before ordering. Available from expansys for 20GBP, who also stock other HTC branded products.

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    Best of the Rest

    If you haven't got round to choosing one of the best HTC 7 Mozart cases yet, but you want to keep that screen pristine whilst you make your decision, this screen protector from alpha gadgets, is the perfect solution, and it costs less than 3 pounds from amazon.

    For precision typing and tapping on the go, try the official HTC branded capacitive stylus, available from expansys.

    As it's still relatively early days, specific accessories for the HTC 7 Mozart are still getting going. HTC Desire accessories are also highly compatible with the Mozart 7, so until more accessories come along to fill the void, this could be another option to explore.

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