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Best Cases for the HTC 7 Mozart

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/26/2011

Owning a new smartphone is an exciting time. You hold it and care for it, as if it were a newborn baby - only babies can't be so easily protected in such stylish cases. Here are the top 5 HTC 7 Mozart cases for you to choose from, to keep your baby safe, sound, and looking good.

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    Case-Mate HTC 7 Mozart T8698 Safe Skin

    casematehtc7mozart Case Mate always make such great products, and this HTC Mozart Safe Skin is no exception. A simple fitting skin around your smartphone, gives it a stylish look, taking nothing away from the style of the phone, and protects it supremely well too. If you are looking for a well-priced option, then this is one of the best HTC 7 Mozart cases you can put your hands on. It fits snugly around your Mozart, without getting in the way - it allows the phone's style to take center stage, as well as leaving all your buttons, ports, and the all important camera, open and accessible at all times.

    Available for under 8 GBP, from

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    HTC Official Mozart Pull Case

    htcmozartpouch The only official HTC case currently available, is this sleek, black pouch case. As with other pouch cases, the drawbackhtcmozartpull  is that, although your phone is well protected, it can be hard to get to in time to answer a call. The good thing about this model though, is that it features a pull-tab that helps you with quick access - simply pull the tab for the phone to slide out quickly and easily. This understated design is not only well constructed, and designed specifically for the HTC 7 Mozart, this case is also really lightweight. A nice design, at a genuinely reasonable price for an official HTC product.

    Available from for £12.95.

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    Black Leather Flip Carry Case For HTC 7 Mozart

    The lowest priced option in our top 5 list of HTC Mozart cases (costing less than a fiver), but this leather flip carry case is not a "cheap and nasty"htcmozartleatherflip  option. Made from soft leather, with a fabric lining, and black overstitching, it offers all round protection, with additional "tough" protection for the Mozart screen - particularly suitable for the more accident prone users - as well as having a handy 360 degree flip case, that allows you to get to your phone quickly and comfortably when you need to. Unlike other cases on amazon marketplace, this model has been made specifically with the HTC Mozart in mind.

    If you need any further convincing that this model smartphone is the best for you, then read our HTC 7 Mozart review.

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    The eVogue Leather Smart Pouch for HTC Mozart

    The eVogue Leather Smart Pouch is made from genuinely soft leather, with expandable sides, that will give your Mozart 7 all roundhtc7smartpouch  protection. As with other "pouch" designs, these cases will not give you instant access to your phone, although they will offer superior protection. A simple strap can be flipped to retrieve your phone, but obviously this means that you can't keep the phone in the case, whist still using it. The SmartPouch also includes a rotating, but lockable, belt clip.

    A small note of caution on this product, is that although it is touted as a Mozart case, it is also suitable for the HTC Desire, iPhone, and a number of BlackBerry models, so it may not offer a supremely snug, or customized fit for your HTC Mozart model.

    Available from, for under 18 GBP.

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    Qubits HTC Mozart 7 Brown Leather Pouch

    qubitsbrownleather If you're looking for something just a little bit different from the usual black case, then this brown leather pouch case for the HTC Mozart by Qubits, may fit the bill. Like most of our top Mozart cases, this is a pouch design, meaning complete protection for your phone, but not ideal for those of us that like to use our phones whilst they are still protected. This design does feature a cut away section at the bottom though, meaning that getting your phone out is a quick and simple operation. A well priced 5 GBP from, made of genuine brown leather, and superbly form fitting, being designed for the HTC 7 Mozart specifically.

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    Can I Use Other HTC Cases for My Mozart 7?

    At the time of its release, it does seem like both HTC and third parties, are a little behind the game in releasing cases specifically for the HTC Mozart - probably because at the moment it is a Europe-only release . In the meantime, users have reported that cases designed for the HTC Desire fit the Mozart perfectly - if one of our top 5 HTC 7 Mozart cases proves hard to come by, or isn't to your taste, this might be an option for you in the interim.