Top 5 Best Dell Streak Accessories

Top 5 Best Dell Streak Accessories
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The Dell Streak is a new smartphone/tablet hybrid by Dell which will go on sale this month in the US. It has received very good reviews and despite being a bit bulky, it is one of the best smartphones currently available. It is perfect for watching videos and browsing the internet. Check out our detailed review of the Dell Streak here.

In this article, I will list the best accessories for the Dell Streak. You can also check out our list of the Top Best Dell Streak cases.

Aliph Jawbone Icon

The Aliph Jawbone Icon is one of the best Bluetooth headsets out there. It is very compact and super stylish. The build quality is really good and it offers some very good features like multi point connectivity, noise assassin, voice activity sensor etc. The signal reception is excellent and the sound quality is great. If I could only choose one Bluetooth headset before getting stranded on an island with a phone, I would take the Jawbone Icon.

It retails for $99 and is available here. Aliph Jawbone Icon

Plantronics Discovery 975


The Plantronics Discovery 975 is another great Bluetooth headset for your Dell Streak. It offers excellent audio quality and reception. It also has a lot of nice features like multipoint, voice prompts and a battery status indicator. It is very compact and stylish and is priced the same as the Jawbone Icon, at $99.

You can get it here: Plantronics Discovery 975

Motorola MotoROKR Stereo Bluetooth headphones

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If you are into music, you must get a stereo Bluetooth headset for your Dell Streak. The Dell Streak also has a really big display which is perfect for video consumption. Having a good stereo headset will not only help you enjoy your music more but also improve your movie watching experience.

The Motorola MotoROKR S305 is one of the best Bluetooth Stereo headsets for any mobile phone. It provides great sound quality and allows you to take calls with the built in mic. It also has basic controls which let you change the volume, tracks etc.

You can get it here for just $40: Motorola MotoROKR Stereo Bluetooth headphones

Logitech diNovo Mini


The Logitech diNovo Mini is a palm sized mini keyboard which can be used to operate any supported device via Bluetooth. A lot of people complain about not being able to type very fast on virtual keyboards; the Logitech diNovo Mini is perfect for them. It allows you to add a physical keyboard to your Dell Streak along with a clickpad which you can use as either a touch pad or as a directional pad. You can attach the Dell Streak directly to the diNovo Mini; they look like a match made in heaven. They connect via Bluetooth and the operation is smooth and without any major issues.

You can get the Logitech diNovo Mini here: Logitech diNovo Mini for $130 only.

Streak Home AV Dock Kit


Finally, an official accessory for the Streak by Dell itself. It is a home AV dock kit for your Dell Streak. It allows you to sync your Streak with your PC, charge it and also connect it via HDMI to enjoy videos, photos etc. on an HD display. It includes a HDMI/charging dock, a charging cable and a sync cable.

It sells for £54.99 here: Streak Home AV Dock Kit