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Protect Your Dell Streak With Style

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/5/2011

The best Dell Streak cases keep your phone safe as well as looking stylish. There are many options out there, but you'll find only the best ones here from classic leather cases with a twist, to modern minimalist choices.

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    Dell Streak Premium Wallet Case

    dell-streak-premium-wallet-case This is one of the official cases for the Dell Streak by Dell itself. It is a nice wallet case made of premium leather, and the quality of the case is evident from all angles. It is stylish as well as durable, and also includes a fold out kickstand which you can use when watching videos or movies on your Dell Streak's gorgeous 5 inch display.

    It also has a section for you to store your microSD cards, business cards and credit cards in the case. It will protect your Dell Streak from dirt, stains and scratches.

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    Tuff Luv Leather Case


    This leather case by Tuff Luv, is a rare commodity in the world of phone cases in that it is a stylish leather case that is actually designed specifically for the Dell Streak -- it's not just a random pouch that your phone can squeeze into. As with many leather cases, you lose something of the look of the phone, but you do get cut-outs to allow access to your ports and camera -- so a quick flip to access the screen is all you need to get snapping. You certainly don't have to remove the case to carry out any tasks, apart from when you need to utilize a charging dock. The best thing about this case is the stylish look and all round rugged protection.

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    Dell Streak Form Fit Case

    dell-streak-form-fit-case This is another official case by Dell. It is a nice form fitting case which fits perfectly to the Dell Streak's body. It has openings for all the ports and controls and allows you to operate your Dell Streak without removing it from the case. It is a sleek case which won't add to the bulk of your Streak while protecting it from stains and scratches.

    The only drawback here would be the lack of screen protection, but all in all it's an unobtrusive protective case that lets your phone's looks shine through. This is definitely one of the best cases for your Dell Streak.

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    Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case


    For a splash of color, along with some great shock absorbing qualities, head for the Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case. It provides a great budget option to keep your Streak safe and sound, as well as some different colorways to choose from, such as the blue option shown here, as well as white and a vibrant green.

    You aren't going to get ultimate protection for 15 dollars with a thin silicone skin, but it will certainly offer something in the way of shock absorption if you drop your phone. It's super-easy to fit over your phone, and the great advantage of this type of case is that you retain a good grip on your phone, so dropping your Dell Streak is less likely anyway.

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    Dell Streak Commuter Series Otterbox Case


    The name of OtterBox is well know and trusted in the world of ultimate phone protection, and they actually offer three pretty handy options for taking care of your Dell Streak -- there is a more expensive Defender option, and a more wallet-friendly Impact one. Here, we are looking at the mid-range Commuter series case. Although they all look similar in appearance, the difference here is the amount of protection you can enjoy. Basically your best option depends on how clumsy you are!

    The slim form of this case actually manages to pack in three layers of protection to keep your Streak safe.

    A couple of extras you get by opting for a high-quality option such as plugs that cover your ports, but are easy to access, and a protective film to keep your screen happy too, all add up to a supreme package. Despite its slim dimensions it still renders the phone impossible to fit into a docking station, but this a common complaint of most cases.

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    What to Buy?

    So which Dell Streak case should you buy? All these cases are top choices, but for a classic look with modern styling the Tuff Luv Leather Case is a great option, as is the official Dell Wallet Case. For all round high protection, as well as preserving the Dell Streak's looks, you can't go wrong with the Commuter Series Otterbox Case.

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