OnStar iPhone App Review

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OnStar iPhone App

GM’s OnStar iPhone app is available for download completely free of charge. If you have an OnStar capable vehicle, 2011 models from General Motors, then this app is the best way to connect to your car. In order to use this app you have to have an OnStar Account which comes standard with many GM models. The OnStar iPhone app will enable you to use your iPhone as a device to communicate with your vehicle, get information about the condition of your car and even remote control it.

Using OnStar iPhone App for Remote Control

OnStar Remote

You can use the OnStar iPhone app as a remote control for your car, unlocking and locking doors and even activate the lights and horn to find the vehicle in a large parking lot. One of the coolest features that the OnStar iPhone app has to offer is the remote engine start.

Checking the status of your vehicle using OnStar iPhone App

OnStar Tire Pressure

The OnStar iPhone app can supply you with information about the condition of your tires, specifically the tire pressure of every tire separately and lifetime mileage. You can also check how much fuel you have, what your miles per gallon ratio is, and how many miles you can travel with the remaining fuel. The OnStar iPhone app also shows the remaining oil life. For those who purchase the new Chevy Volt there is an option to manage the car’s charging as well as control charge mode. This means that you can control when your car will start charging and for how long.

Other OnStar iPhone App Features

OnStar other

With the OnStar iPhone app you can contact an OnStar advisor for road side assistance or schedule an oil change. There is a user manual for your car that you can access from your iPhone. You can even set a meter timer to remind you of where you parked your car. This can be a great feature if you park your vehicle in an unknown area of the city.

The Verdict

The OnStar iPhone app is a great app offering unique interaction with your vehicle. More and more cars in the future will have similar options like this. GM is one of the first vehicle manufacturers to realize the importance of such connectivity. All of the cars of the future will have similar options for monitoring the condition of your car, displaying relevant information and even remote control. Getting useful information about the condition of your car remotely and even reading the user manual for your car on your iPhone are features that can be very helpful. The user interface for this app is intuitive and easy to use which is a big plus. The OnStar iPhone app is a great and very useful app offering unmatched features and I highly recommend it.