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Best Apps for the iPhone 4

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/4/2010

Let’s take a look at the 10 best applications that showcase the functionality of the iPhone 4.

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    iPhone 4 Apps

    From shooting with guns to shooting special moments with the iPhone 4’s HD video recorder, the new iPhone 4 apps promise to keep users entertained. Read on to find out which iPhone 4 app to download first?

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    1. Zen Bound 2 - $ 2.99

    zenbound 2 Zen Bound 2 is one of the most unusual and strangely satisfying iPhone 4 games. Basically, the player has to wrap a rope around 3D objects by rotating them as they float in space. This iPhone 4 app makes the most innovative use of the phone’s built in Gyroscope. You can download this app from here.

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    2. Fring – Free

    Fring is a free iPhone 4 application that lets you make free video calls, voice calls and live IM chats directly from your phone. Fring works over Wi-FiFring and 3G and also supports push notifications from Google Talk, MSN messenger, ICQ, Yahoo and AIM. It utilizes the iPhone 4’s front facing camera. You can download this app from here.

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    3. The Elements for iPhone 4 - $ 9.99

    elements The Elements for iPhone 4 has been specially created for iPhone 4. This application serves as a periodic table for elements. This iPhone 4 app has been specially created to make use of the phone’s retina display. The beautiful high resolution graphics let you experience science like never before. You can download this app from here.

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    4. TuneIn Radio - $ 1.99

    Finally multitasking has been introduced on iPhone 4. TuneIn radio makes use of this function, enabling the user to listen and record whilst using other functions. You can download this app from here.Tunein Radio 

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    5. You Gotta See This! - $ 1.99

    You Gotta See This! uses the iPhone 4’s gyroscope function. The user can simply start recording, swipe the scene up and down, to the left and right with the iPhone 4’s camera. This iPhone app also creates collages of images. It’s a fun and creative way to take pictures. You can download this app from here. You Gotta see this 

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    6. iMovie - $ 4.99

    You can make beautiful, feature rich, HD movies with this iPhone 4 app. Video editing, adding backtracks and effects, choosing themes, and sharing the videos via YouTube, email or MMS message are some of the features of this application. You can download this app from here.imovies 

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    7. iBooks – Free

    iPhone 4 is the first iPhone to be compatible with the iBooks app. iPhone’s strikingly crisp and clear retina display offers a great reading experience to users. You can download this app from here.iBooks 

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    8. Gun Rage - $ 0.99

    If you want to understand the iPhone 4’s gyroscope function in a quick and dirty way, then try the Gun Rage app. You aim the gun by moving the phone and tap to fire. You can download this app from here.GunRanger 

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    9. Real Racing - $ 4.99

    Experience the excitement and glory of championship racing with five different game modes. Real Racing is the ultimate handheld racing application for iPhone 4. You can download this app from here.RealRacing App 

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    10. Torch for iPhone 4 - $0.99

    Torch Turn your iPhone into a bright torch by utilizing its LED technology. You can use this iPhone 4 torch as a continuous light. You can download this app from here.

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