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Once Again: iMafia III Los Angeles Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 10/7/2009

There is nothing here that is different from iMafia III.

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    Shut Up

    There really is not much to say about iMafia III Los Angeles. This is not the first incarnation of the iMafia Los Angeles, which started several months ago. After this we skipped a clear second episode and went strait to iMafia III Los Angeles.

    The title itself really brings nothing new to the franchise and is really just iMafia III renamed. The same problem with iMafia III Los Angles arises that occurred with iMafia III New York. There is nothing unique about these titles at all, but in a sense, they are just as fun to play as iMafia III.

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    Just as Good, I Guess

    There is an ethical conundrum that exists with iMafia III Los Angeles. iMafia III Los Angles exists only to sell PlayMesh Points, but this is nothing new because all of these free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs are designed to hoc PlayMesh Points or some other kind of pay cheat point. It is almost offensive in the fact that PlayMesh can release the same game under multiple titles and expect people to buy more PlayMesh Points. Perhaps it is less cynical and really just a way to appeal to those who have ties to New York or Los Angels. That's doubtful.

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    Inside iMafia III Los Angeles

    Everything about iMafia III Los Angeles is as you would expect it to be. You have to purchase your mafia members internally. You need them for real estate, missions, and fights. You make money mostly through real estate, but get some through fights and missions. If you have ever played iMafia then you know what you are getting yourself into with the game.

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    No Reason for It

    Over all you can expect the same experience with iMafia III Los Angels that you would with iMafia III, or iMafia III New York for that matter. The only way that I am going to judge iMafia III Los Angeles is to put down that since iMafia III came first all of the credit for gameplay goes to it. Then the way that iMafia III Los Angeles can be estimated is by how much it varies and improves on an existing model. It does not do this at all. Therefore, I will express nothing but disdain for iMafia III Los Angeles and the manipulative developers who gave us it. One out of ten stars.