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The Best iPhone Holiday Calendars

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/31/2010

Here is a look at some of the best iPhone holiday calendars available at the iTunes App Store.

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    Counting Down

    The coming holiday season is something that dominates your technology just as much as your home. Both decorations and basic planning is something that becomes a central part of the season, and as your iPhone becomes a vital part of your day to day planning the idea of a holiday calendar begins to make more sense. The iTunes App Store has become a major hub for iPhone Christmas and holiday themes in general, providing different iPhone apps for the holiday season. Among these, a few holiday calendar apps for the iPhone have begun to stand out and may be great options for your touch screen.

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    Holiday Countdown

    mzl.fmvhadyf.320x480-75 Holiday Countdown - with recurring calendar events does what not a lot of different iPhone holiday calendars do: it offers a little bit of substance to the app. Holiday Countdown builds itself around the schedule of U.S. holidays and allows for an essential countdown to them, but this is provided within the framework of your own personal schedule. You can add up to 300 customizable events into Holiday Countdown, as well as birthdays with information from your Contacts List. As for the holidays themselves, you will get a little bit of extra information like the history of that holiday and pictures that may go along with it. It will do a lot of what you have come to expect from iPhone holiday calendars, in that it will let you know that the event is happening, but Holiday Countdown also sells itself for the amount of customization it offers. You hold the ability to remove holidays from your holiday calendar that do not apply to you and there is enough aesthetic customization that you can almost completely change the appearance of this iPhone app. You get more than a simple iPhone holiday calendar for the $1.99 you spend on Holiday Countdown.

    Holiday Countdown at the iTunes App Store

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    Holiday and Vacation Calendar

    Holiday and Vacation Calendar, which is appropriately named, takes a more official viewpoint on the iPhone holiday calendar. With Holiday and mzl.dtulxoio.320x480-75 Vacation Calendar you have an overview of your entire calendar year and can identify specific days to see where your commitments lie. From here you can identify official holidays, days when official schools are off, working holidays, regular vacation days, and the like, for a whole range of countries from the Czech Republic to Switzerland. This is going to make Holiday and Vacation Calendar one of the best iPhone holiday calendars for planning and keeping organized, which means that this can integrate correctly with the basic planning functions for the iPhone as a PDA functional. It also has its own form of customizability in that you can do things like arrange the week day set up and choose multiple languages. Price wise, it is not too expensive at the iTunes App Store at $0.99.

    Holiday and Vacation Calendar at the iTunes App Store

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    iPhone Advent Calendars

    mzl.ovokszah.320x480-75 What would an iPhone holiday calendar list be without a great iPhone advent calendar? There are a lot of different iPhone advent calendars out there, many of which are either too basic or outdated. Christmas Advent Calendar stands out as one of the best iPhone advent calendars since it brings just enough features to feel as though you made a wise purchase, but does not attempt to overstep its bounds. iAdvent is also a great iPhone advent calendar option that brings a nice aesthetic and also includes a Christmas theme word game and Christmas themed iPhone wallpapers. Both of these iPhone advent calendar options are moderately priced at $0.99, and unfortunately there are few iPhone advent calendars of any depth for free.

    iAdvent at the iTunes App Store Christmas Advent Calendar