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Essential Apple iPhone Applications

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 5/26/2011

With so many Apple iPhone applications available for download in the App Store, it's not surprising that many of us have already found several which have become part of our daily routines. Here are ten essential Apple iPhone applications that you can't live without.

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    facebook for iphone Admit it, the first thing you do upon waking up in the morning is check your iPhone, and for what...? To check your Facebook account, agree? If you don't agree, you're an exception to the many Facebook citizens these days. Facebook has become a part of our daily lives. Knowing what our Facebook friends are currently up to, checking whether we've received a new message, or even finding out what our friends have recently flagged as "like" or "unlike", and it doesn't stop there. We continue to use the Facebook app on our iPhone every five minutes or so, perhaps more. Even better if the app's notification feature is turned on, every time we receive alerts for updates and messages from our friends, we return to our iPhone. Hence, Facebook for the iPhone tops the list of the most essential Apple iPhone applications. (Free) (Download link)

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    twitter Second to Facebook, or perhaps first for some, the official Twitter app. This could be another third-party Twitter app for some, but for us it's the official Twitter app. Like Facebook, Twitter has also become part of our daily lives. It's not only a source of news, but also a way for communicating among close friends and contacts. The official Twitter Apple iPhone Applications has all the bells and whistles of, so you practically don't have a need for the website anymore. (Free) (Download link)

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    Datavault Password Manager

    datavault password manager With so many debit and credit cards in our wallets, bank account numbers to remember, login details to maintain and passwords too, this app is a great tool. It's one of the best iPhone password managers currently available on the App Store. This app saves confidential information, using powerful encryption to ensure maximum security for your data. But what really makes it great, is the fact that it is so easy to use. No complicated settings to tweak and no technical jargon to learn. Just fire up the app and you can easily start securing your personal information. The app displays your information in a Tree View by category and type or a list view. This app even allows you to synchronize your data over Wi-Fi. (Price: $9.99) (Download link)

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    Google Mobile App

    googlemobile If you're a big Google fan and you use most, if not all of Google's desktop apps, then you may be interest in the Google Mobile app for your iPhone. Don't worry, you don't have to install several Google apps to be able to use Google Talk, Buzz, Docs, and others. All you need is this one app - Google Mobile app for iPhone. Check your Gmail, Buzz updates from your friends, view calendars and tasks, read your favorite feeds on Google Reader, and more. Google has also added a new beta app to Google Mobile called Google Goggles, which enables image searching. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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    ibooks for iphone We have to commend Apple for coming up with such a magnificent e-reading app. This stands out as a great free option from the available Apple iPhone applications. iBooks makes us go back to reading books again, although this time in their digital formats. iBooks is not only great for reading purchased ebooks from the iBookstore, but also for reading essential documents in PDF format. With iBooks on your iPhone, your phone will be transformed into a portable e-reading device. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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    wordpressforiphone If you find yourself constantly on the move, without time to sit down and post to your blog, you'll love WordPress for iPhone. It's a great mobile blogging app which lacks some of the original features, but still maintains basic blog posting functionality. The app lets you manage your blog or a self-hosted WordPress blog. Moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos easily. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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    Zinio Magazine Newsstand and Reader

    ziniomagazine For your magazine fix, there is the Zinion Magazine Newsstand app for the iPhone. It is perhaps the most stable reading app for the iPhone. The app gives you access to thousands of titles including magazines and news issues. You can purchase new magazine issues or download the free ones. Just pull out your iPhone 4 and fire up the app to read the latest issues. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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    iPhone Mail App

    mailapp Alright, this is a default Apple iPhone application but it's worth including on the list, to highlight how essential this app really is . This app is so useful that we don't even bother to check our email using the computer anymore. While out and about, the mail app keeps you connected with contacts, PR managers, and friends. It also serves as a notification for my Twitter and Facebook accounts. With iOS 4, the mail app has become even more useful with the "All Inbox" feature. It's great to have a single app that consolidates multiple email accounts in one inbox. The app's interface is cool and mimics the Gmail web experience. (Price: Free) (Download: Pre-installed)

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    Toodledo - To Do List for iPhone

    toodledoforiphone Toodledo is among the best to-do apps for iPhone. This app was originally great on the iPad, but since we don't bring our iPads with us very often, especially on casual outings, it's worth getting on your iPhone. The app on the iPhone is more than enough to make for a more productive time and to be reminded of important things that need to be done. The app can be used as a stand-alone tool or can be synched to your account on What is really great about this app, is that it lets you organize your to-do list in any fashion that you want. (Price: $3.99) (Download link)

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    dropboxforiphone If you have a 16GB iPhone 4 or even a 32GB model the storage limitation may prevent you from transferring docs and other files on your iPhone 4. If you have too many photos, videos, documents and presentations that you want to have access to anytime, anywhere, what do you do? That's where this one essential Apple iPhone application - Dropbox comes in. This app is possibly the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers. Some of the things that you can do with this app include - view photos, videos, documents and presentations, share and send files via email, export Dropbox files to other iPhone and iPad apps, and more. In other words, Dropbox extends the storage capacity of your iPhone. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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