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The Top Instant Message Applications for the iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 7/10/2010

Here is a look at some of the best instant message iPhone apps available, including iPhone's AIM text free, and iPhone text apps for Facebook and Yahoo, all available at the iTunes store.

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    The Best Instant Messaging Apps

    The instant message (IM) application was a feature that began on home computers and has begun to spread as technology grows. On the iPhone, instant messaging applications that are low cost or free iPhone text messages, can save you from going through long texting processes. The iPhone's iOS allows for "push" notifications and facilitates the applications you download to your iPhone to act as a primary function, along with text messaging and phone calls. With these apps, the instant messaging services become even more ingrained in the culture as the same instant messaging account can be connected to your computer and your iPhone, as well as uniting contacts between all of the available platforms. Here are a few of the very best instant messaging iPhone apps available at the iTunes App Store, including AIM, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Facebook apps.

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    AIM - AOL Instant Messenger

    aimPush Part of the success of an instant messaging application, like any social networking application, is its popularity on all platforms. This is because the infrastructure of the social networking tool has to be sufficient enough to make you want to use it. This is more than true for AOL Instant Messenger, usually called AIM. The full version of the AIM iPhone app is $2.99, but there is an iPhone AIM text free application version that you can opt for instead. The AIM iPhone app is easy to use and is fully integrated into regular iPhone communication and you can really create a bit of a social networking profile system for each contact entry. The AIM iPhone text free app follows the logic of the rest of the iPhone functions in that it allows you to look at your buddy list, connect this information to contacts, and even sync up to your Facebook account. AIM, at its core, is an efficient instant messenger service that allows you to send free iPhone text messages and send these free text messages to multiple platforms.

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    Yahoo! Mesenger

    Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging service that is really similar to AIM in many ways, yet often has a different clientèle. Like the AIM iphone-yahoo-messenger iPhone app, the Yahoo! Messenger social networking text app allows you go to your IM contacts and create full conversations in a free iPhone text message mode. Your instant messenger conversations in Yahoo! Messenger are put into little colored blocks where you can scan the entire conversations in the same way that iPhone text messages do. Yahoo! Messenger is actually presented as a little bit simpler than other instant messaging applications, so this may be a best basic option for users. This free social networking text app is especially great if you like emotion, which Yahoo! Messenger brings by the truck load. This is a good and easy to use free iPhone Text application.

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    chat21 Facebook is usually thought of as just a social networking tool and not an instant messaging service, but it does include that as part of its service. Since Facebook is becoming the more prominent social networking tool, and you will find that the average user spends a large portion of their day using this social networking tool, this is a great service to tap into. Within the Facebook social networking text iPhone app, you can select Facebook Chat where you can choose from a selection of Facebook users right from your friend's list that are already online and chat back and forth. This is also possible in the MySpace iPhone app, so your choice should be determined by social networking preference. These free iPhone text messenger apps may work better at social networking connections instead of as just utilizing free iPhone text messaging, though there can be communication between two phone users on Facebook applications.

    Screenshots courtesy of Shane Burley

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