iMob Online Tips: Using the Bank


Since iMob Online is essentially a competitive text-based iPhone RPG you are going to find that your money is never safe. It is relatively easy for another iMob Online player to go and attack you, possibly taking some of your hard earned cash. All text-based iPhone RPGs include a feature that would allow you to save your money, and that function is in place here for the iMob Online Bank. Here are some tips for using the iMob Online Bank.

iMob Online Bank

When you are in the iMob Online Home tab you can find Bank right under Properties and above Emergency Room. Once you are in the iMob Online Bank you will find two text prompts. The top one is where you enter the amount you would like to deposit, and the bottom one is where you enter the amount you would like to withdraw.

When you first open up the iMob Online Bank you will notice that your entire available amount of money will be in the text prompt, so you should change this if you do not want to deposit all of your money. There will be a fifteen percent fee taken out of all deposits into the iMob Online Bank, and withdrawals are free.

iMob Online Tips

The main reason to use the iMob Online Bank is because you have to use your Bank balance to pay the bill at the iMob Online Hospital. If you are planning on healing yourself in the iMob Online Hospital you are not going to be able to use your free money. Instead, you have to pay your iMob Online Hospital bill with your iMob Online Bank account.

Beyond that, there is not a lot of practical purpose for the iMob Online Bank. It is costly to store money in there and it is usually better to risk the possibility of losing money through fighting. The likelihood that you will lose more money that it would cost to pay the fifteen percent fee is very small. This iMob Online Bank fee should also play into whether or not you want to use the iMob Online Hospital to heal yourself.

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