Race or Die Tips: Stats

Race or Die Stats

One of the most important aspects of playing Race or Die for the iPhone and iPod Touch is understanding your own character. Every choice that you make in Race or Die has an affect on how successful you are later, especially since you will be judged in comparison to other Race or Die players. You have to know how you are doing in races against other Race or Die players, how far you have until next levels and pretty much every other feature about your Race or Die character. To do this you look at your Race or Die Stats, which contains your Race or Die Profile, information about your Race or Die Crew and the Legends.

Race or Die Profile

When you are in the Race or Die Home screen, you can find the Race or Die Stats at the very bottom of the right hand column, right under Estates. The first tab that will be open in the Race or Die Stats will be your Race or Die Profile. Here you will see how many experience points you need to the next Race or Die level right at the top. Below that, you will see all of your normal Race or Die Stats, such as your max health and your max fuel. After that will be all of your Achievements, such as how many fights won and lost. Below that information will be everything you have purchased from the Race or Die Pro Shop. At the bottom of the Race or Die Profile, you will have the button that you can use to reset your Race or Die account.

Race or Die Crew

The next tab over will be the Crew tab, which is where you can see everyone you have added through Race or Die Friend Codes or other Invite options. Each Race or Die player will have their profile available to you, which has all of their information except for their Race or Die Friend Code. Here you can also choose to race or delete them, though you may want to maintain friendly relations with your Race or Die Crew. You can also post bulletins here to your Race or Die Crew, which is a good way to get them to share your Race or Die Friend Code with others in their Crew.

Race or Die Legends

The final tab is the Race or Die Legends, which lists top Race or Die players in different categories. There are top Race or Die players for Races, Crew size, the numbers of Race or Die players they have totaled and the top for Bounties. This is the direction you should be shooting for as a Race or Die player.

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