Heroes III Tips: Properties

Properties and Heroes III Alliance Members

The use of Properties in different PlayMesh free text-based iPhone RPGs are usually relatively similar, and Heroes III follows many of these traits. The process of investing in Heroes III Properties is very closely related to how you utilize the Heroes III Alliance Members system. A single Heroes III Alliance Member can only control up to three developed properties. This means that you have to maintain a number of Heroes III Alliance Members that is a third the size of your number of developed Heroes III Properties. If you try to build one and you do not have enough Heroes III Alliance Members then you will not be allowed to.

Since Heroes III Properties are the most important focus in the game, and your main source of income, you have to make sure that you keep up on both those purchases and the purchasing of Heroes III Alliance Members. These Alliance Members get more expensive for each one you purchase, which why you will usually use your Heroes III PlayMesh Points on them.

Property Purchasing Patterns

Another factor that is a problem is that each piece of Heroes III Property you own causes the next one of the same type to be more money. This is true of both Undeveloped and Developed Heroes III Properties, which is why you should never buy Undeveloped properties in increments of more than ten. This means that since you can only buy ten at a time go ahead and develop on the first set of ten before buying another set because while you are still in possession of the first set the second will be more money.

As you purchase Developed Heroes III Properties you want to make sure that you spread out your purchases. This is done so that no one type of property becomes so expensive that it does not have a good return. Once all of the available properties have become too expensive to be reasonable in relation to their financial returns then it is time to begin leveling up so that you can free up new properties for purchase. This is a cycle you should keep continuously through Heroes III.

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