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iPhone 3.1: Reasons to Wait

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/28/2009

The iPhone 3.1 update is known to have some issues in its current incarnation, and there are some ways to try and compensate for them.

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    iPhone 3.1 Problems

    Many tech blogs and industry publications have begun warning against the iPhone 3.1 update. This update, which costs almost five dollars for iPod Touch users, has been blasted as a sluggish addition that does not bring what it promises. This does not meant that the iPhone 3.1 update is a permanently doomed model, but a wait may be worth considering.

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    Some Issues

    The problems that come up with the iPhone 3.1 update are somewhat strange and unexpected. There are a number of shutdowns that may occur and iPhone's have been known to freeze spontaneously. The iPhone is not always the most stable portable, but with this you can expect even more applications closing and problems with general function. There have also been reports that the iPhone's battery life has been affected, though this may or may not have any truth.

    Though the firmware can affect the iPhone's battery life it is not a concrete connection. There is also an occurrence of "Unknown error (-50)". Overall, the iPhone becomes slower once the iPhone 3.1 update comes in, though this is only in some reports and not conclusive for all. Once thing that is universal for the iPhone 3.1 update is that Podcasts getting a random ordering.

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    Fixing Some of the Problems

    There are some DIY ways to help fix the slow down that may occur after the iPhone 3.1 update. Go into Settings on your iPhone desktop and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list. Go into Mobile Me and turn off your contacts and calendars, then delete them from your iPhone entirely. Then sync your iPhone again and re-sync your calendars and contacts. You may also want to begin deleting unused content from your iPhone, especially if that is video or podcasts. Since podcasts are one of the areas affected by the iPhone 3.1 update you may want to halt some of your subscriptions until a change is made.

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    For those who have the option now they may want to wait a few more weeks. This is especially true if you have an iPod Touch as the cost alone is annoying, though you will not be paying if you paid for the iPhone 3.0 update.

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