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Is Bloodlust an Option for Vampires?

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/23/2009

Here are tips for using the Vampires: Bloodlust Options and changing the interface slightly.

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    Zyngas Vampire Mafia

    Vampires: Bloodlust continues the customizability that Zynga started with Mafia Wars. Though Vampires: Bloodlust is not an incredibly original free MMO text-based iPhone RPG, it does bring some significant advances to the classic design. One of these may simply be its ability to connect with your Facebook. There are also a number of other things that you can change that will just alter the mechanics of the Vampires: Bloodlust design. Here are some tips for using the Vampires: Bloodlust Options.

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    Vampire News

    The first thing you are going to notice is that when you first open up Vampires: Bloodlust you are going to see a news feed of things that have happened to your account, cleverly titles Vampire News. This includes new Findings, which are new things throughout Vampires: Bloodlust like free Reward Points packages or updates. Vampire News will also give you the result of fights you may have had while away. In the lower right hand corner is a Show at Startup box that is checked, but if you uncheck it you will not have to see this when you begin.

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    Vampires: Bloodlust Options

    When you are at the main Vampires: Bloodlust screen you can find Options in the lower left hand corner. This puts it at the bottom of the left hand column, below News and to the left of the Crypt. Inside the Vampires: Bloodlust Options you are going to find functional options for extra things that Vampires: Bloodlust will do. Each of the items in Vampires: Bloodlust Options have and On / Off switch, so you can decide if you want it engaged or not. These options, which are similar to those found in Zynga's Mafia Wars, are to turn the sounds on or off, whether or not you want an email for every Vampires: Bloodlust invitation, if you want weekly emails about your overall Vampires: Bloodlust progress, if you want news about Vampire Wars, if you want to vibrate if you lost a fight and if you want a vibrate to indicate full energy, rage, or health. You can just switch the On switch to Off on each, or all, of these Vampires: Bloodlust Options and then hit Done at the bottom of the screen to set them.

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    Vampires: Bloodlust Tips

    The choice to change your Vampires: Bloodlust Options is really up to you. Losing all of the emails is usually a good idea, especially the one that indicates every time you have received a Vampires: Bloodlust invitation. It is easy enough to check your account every so often to find this out. If you want to play more discreetly you may want to turn off the sounds and vibration as well.

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