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Ninjas Live Tips: Bank

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/18/2009

Here are some tips for using the Ninjas Live Bank to save your money.

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    Ninjas Live Money

    Ninjas Live includes a banking system that is not unique in any way when compared to the other MMO text-based iPhone RPGs that are polluting the sparse hard drives on iPhone's around the world. All of these keep a system for you to store earnings safely in a place that they will be free of outside interference by other players. This method of financial autonomy, though a revelry for Permanent Travelers, costs about as much as a Swiss banking system does. Too bad they do not bring the same perks for Ninjas.

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    Ninjas Live Bank

    When you are at the Ninjas Live Home screen you can find Bank in the left hand column, which is under the Ancestors where you spend Honor Points above the Healer. Once you are in the Ninjas Live Bank you are going to see a relatively simple interface, especially compared to the other MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. At the very top of the Ninjas Live Bank list you will see your Bank Balance listed. Below that you will have a text prompt that you can enter an amount in that you want to deposit.

    If it is your first time for using the Ninjas Live Bank it will say "Open Account with" above the text prompt. Right off the bat there will likely be all of your available Ninjas Live Money listed in the Ninjas Live Bank text prompt, so you are going to need to change this if you do not want to deposit all of your Money. There is a ten percent fee put on all incoming money that you deposit into the Ninjas Live Bank, though it is free to withdraw money at any time.

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    Ninjas Live Tips and Healer

    The main reason to use the Ninjas Live Bank at all is that you need to have money in there to use the Healer. The Ninjas Live Healer requires that you pay the fee only with Money from the Bank. You are not allowed to use the free Ninjas Live Money that you have available. Usually using the Ninjas Live Bank is just too expensive to use because of the deposit fee. It can be useful if you are being attacked continuously, but usually you should just stay away. Keep just a small amount of money in the Ninjas Live Bank so that you can use the Healer later on.