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iMafia III Tips: Fights

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/18/2009

Here is a guide of tips for fighting in iMafia III for the iPhone.

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    Fighting other iMafia III Players

    Fighting has always been a main aspect of the PlayMesh experience, and that has continued thoroughly through iMafia III. Fighting other iMafia III players is central to gaining experience and money, not to mention that success in fights itself, is a statistic that can help you decide exactly how successful you have been in comparison to other iMafia III players. This is the key part of the competition between iMafia III players, so there are certain approaches that should be taken to be successful in this gameplay aspect. Here are a few tips for fighting in iMafia III.

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    Fight Numbers

    Over all you want to see your number of fights won increase steadily in iMafia III. This means that instead of risking a loss you should only engage in fights that you are sure that you can win, in almost every situation. You can be sure of this by comparing your iMafia III profile against other iMafia III players along certain statistical lines. This means making sure that you have a larger mob, a better arsenal of items and weapons, and statistics that show a certain track record.

    You can never know for sure, but you can make an educated guess as to whether or not you are going to win. When you are in the Fights section of the iMafia display, which you can select under Pawn Shop and above Real Estate, press down on the iMafia III player you are considering fighting. Instead of hitting Fight hit Details, which then takes you to their profile. Here you can give them a clear look over.

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    One thing that should be avoided early on is using the Hitlist at all. This is an expensive feature that does not benefit you much. The only time you should do this early on, and usually later as well, is when you create the hit yourself. Find an iMafia III player that you are sure that you can beat in competition and place a bounty on them. Once you have you can immediately go and fight them. After you win, you will collect the bounty back and add another bounty kill to your statistics.

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    When to Avoid Fighting in iMafia III

    In the first few levels, you may want to avoid fighting iMafia III players in general. The reason for this is that you want to control your leveling up process and go at a slower pace. Since you gain experience points from fighting you may want to hold off. When you do level up your main experience points should go toward attack and defense.

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