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Legions of War Tips: Using the Bank

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 8/25/2009

Here are some tips for the Legions of War Bank.

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    Banking in Gold

    Gold is always a precious commodity in apparent free markets, even if those work in a fictional feudalism. Legions of War, PlayMesh's medieval epic, uses gold as its standard currency. With this gold is the most important thing in the game as it is what you earn from Quests and Properties and what you use to purchase more property and things from the Marketplace. Since people can attack you and take your gold the Legions of War Bank was established to protect it.

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    Working the Legions of War Bank

    In the Legions of War Portrait view, go ahead and find Bank under Prefect and above Healer. Here you will find a text box in the center where you can enter an amount of Legions of War gold that you may want to deposit. Below this text box will be the Bank's Deposit button, and to the left is a Deposit All button that you can select if you want to inject all of your gold into the Legions of War Bank. To the right are Withdrawal and Withdraw All, which works in the reverse

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    Banking Costs

    The main issue with the Legions of War Bank is that all deposits take a ten percent fee. It does not matter if you deposit your entire financial stash or only a small sum. After you deposit your gold into the Legions of War Bank, it will tell you what the final amount was that was deposited and how much of a fee was taken. There are no fees for withdrawing money from the Legions of War Bank.

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    Legions of War Tips

    The main tips that can accompany a discussion about the Legions of War Bank is to use it very seldom. It is nice to have a small amount of gold in your Legions of War Bank in case of emergency, but the deposit cost is often too steep to be reasonable. You can feel justified in using the Legions of War Bank more often if you are being attacked repeatedly and have low defenses. In this case, it is best to focus on defensive skill points when leveling up in Legions of War. If this does not work then the best tip will be to reset your Legions of War account and start over.