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Warbots Tips: Warbots Digivault

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 8/20/2009

Here are some tips for the Warbots Digivault.

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    Heading Into the Banking Business

    Warbots has one of the best realized themes of all the PlayMesh games. These PlayMesh MMO text-based iPhone RPGs are all very similar and the theme really differentiates them. Warbots successfully takes many of these similar game elements that use these military machine characteristics so that even the most mundane missions feel as though you are actually affecting your technological army. Included is this is a Warbots version of a bank, which it calls the Digivault. This Warbots Digivault is where you store credits so that they are safe from invading robots. Your financial position in Warbots is often up for grabs so it is up to you to decide whether or not to use features like the Digivault to add a sense of security. Here are some tips for effectively using the Warbots Digivault.

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    Inside the Warbots Digivault

    When you are in the main vertical portrait Warbots view find Digitvault under Interpol and above PlayMesh. Here you will be given a digital interface centered around a text box that says Enter Amount in it. Here you have buttons below for Deposit and Withdrawal, and to the left is a Deposit All button if you want to deposit you entire credit pile. If you want to deposit your Warbots credits into the Digivault you are going to be taxed a ten percent fee. All money that goes into the Digivault will have ten percent removed, but all Withdrawals will be fine.

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    Warbots Tips

    Usually the Warbots Digivault will not be incredibly effective for your Warbots account. If you are fighting other Warbots players in Battles then you may want to put some credits into the Digitvault. The ten percent fee is usually too much to be worth it, though it is less than in similar MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. If you find that you are consistently attacked and are losing you may want to safeguard your credits. The Warbots Digivault is not a longstanding solution so you should try to head in the direction of securing your account from outside robot invaders. Instead of this, you should try to spend your credits quickly at first. If you are having trouble holding onto it in later levels, you should make sure you have a maximum level of weapons.