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iMafia II Tips: iMafia II PlayMesh Points

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 8/20/2009

Here is a guide for using and buying PlayMesh Points in iMafia II, as well as some tips for their best position.

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    iMafia II Tips

    iMafia II is still the grand central station of PlayMesh Points spending. Whether you got free PlayMesh Points through PlayMesh promotional offers or you purchased expensive PlayMesh Points packages from the iTunes’ App Store, these are still a big part of the iMafia II gameplay model. These PlayMesh Points can be used for a whole host of things and it is important to know if you have some and how to use them.

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    Using iMafia II PlayMesh Points

    When you are at the main vertical portrait view in iMafia II go to the Godfather, which Is above Police and below Real Estate. At the bottom of the Godfather screen, make sure the Godfather Offers button is selected. Once you are in Godfather, you will see your current number of iMafia II PlayMesh Points at the top. Below this is the location where you will spend your iMafia II PlayMesh Points. Find the option that you want and press down on it. This will turn into a rectangular blue button that says Confirm Payment, and when you press this again it will buy the item you requested for the stated number of PlayMesh Points.

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    Buying PlayMesh Points

    If you want to buy iMafia II PlayMesh Points, you start by pushing the PlayMesh Deals button in the lower right corner of the Godfather screen. Here you will see links to a number of different iMafia II PlayMesh Points packages, as well as a PlayMesh Points package for Wizards. Here you just select the PlayMesh Points package you want and it will take you to that PlayMesh Points package’s App Store page. Here you can buy the application, download it and then open it to install the PlayMesh Points into your iMafia II account.

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    Tips for PlayMesh Points

    The main focus of iMafia II PlayMesh Points, as well as PlayMesh Points for all other PlayMesh games, should be for adding mafia members. Mafia members gradually get more and more expensive as you go through iMafia II, and you need them to control properties, complete missions and win fights. Later in iMafia II mafia members are going to be the most expensive part of the game without any close parallel. This means that you really should use almost all of your PlayMesh Points on mafia members. If you are very far ahead in iMafia II mafia members, then use your PlayMesh Points on free money, especially early on when you are avoiding leveling up.

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