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How to Use Loyalty Points in Vampires Live

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/11/2009

Here are some tips for using Loyalty Points in Vampires Live.

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    Taking the iPhone by Storm

    Storm8 has definitely found the same game plan as PlayMesh in terms of finding ways to make a profit on their software. Instead of making the critical mistake of charging for games in their Live series they instead have created a system for bonus points that users can purchase outside of the application. These points can then be used within the game as a step up. Along with this Storm8 has diversified as much as possible and released a number of different themed titles so that they have even more markets to sell different points. Vampires Live works just like this and has a whole unique method for using its Loyalty Points.

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    Using Loyalty Points

    When you open up Vampires Live, go to the left hand column and find The Elders, which will be directly under Slaves and above the Blood Bank. When you select The Elders you will be in the location where you can spend Loyalty Points. Here you will have a number of different options, each with a different Loyalty Point cost. What you are going to look for here is the best possible deal, and that means what will help you the most in comparison to the over all Loyalty Points.

    The best option for this in Vampires Live is going to be to just take the money, or blood as it is called in this case. This amount of blood varies and will go up, but each increment only costs ten Loyalty Points. A clan member will cost twenty Loyalty Points and this cost is far too expensive. Vampires Live has a Clan Code system and this means that acquiring large clan numbers is very easy.

    If your Clan Code is posted on internet locations, you should not have any problem and should use your Loyalty Points on smarter locations. Changing your name and class tends to not be a good use of Loyalty points as your name really does not matter and if you have realized that your class is really holding you back your should just reset your Vampires Live account.

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    Downloading Loyalty Points

    If you want to buy Loyalty Points for Vampires Live you can easily do this through the App Store. Before doing that make sure you look for free updates and free Loyalty Points packages for Vampires Live. Storm8 makes these available on a regular basis.

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