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M:Mafia: Resetting Your Account

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 6/11/2009

Here is an easy guide to resetting your M:Mafia account.

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    Text It Right

    Text-based iPhone RPGs are all very similar, and once you get past a certain point there is not much to do. You only get new items and properties for a fixed amount of time in the game and once you get to the very high levels there is not much reward for your work. At this point, the only thing to shoot for is becoming one of the top players, and winning every fight with other players. To do this, you have to be making the right choices right from the beginning with almost no mistakes. This is an almost impossible task; and for new players missteps occur with almost every other move. To remedy this, you may just want to end up starting over if you feel like you have missed some major preparation moves. Thankfully, M:Mafia creates a built in reset function that you can go to any time you just want to start back at the very beginning.

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    When you are at the main M:Mafia menu you go ahead and press on The Don button, which is in the right hand column right under the Fight button and above the Crew button. Here is where you can alter the account quite a bit, especially in terms of healing and adding stamina. You can also change your name and avatar here, though these cost large number of favor points. Directly above the Change Name button is the Reset Character button, which is free. Just press the grey button that says Reset and you will be asked again if you want to “delete” your M:Mafia character. Hit yes and your M:Mafia account will be reset.

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    This brings you back to the very beginning of M:Mafia, where you enter your name, connect with your Facebook account, and pick your avatar. Make sure to do this only if you have made serious mistakes in M:Mafia as it could take you quite a while to get back to where you were in the game. The main reason to reset your M:Mafia account is if you leveled up too quickly without focusing on properties or you spent your level up points in a nonproductive statistical location.