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Tips for Using the iPhone's iPod Controls

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 1/18/2010

Here are a few tips and tricks when playing songs or movies with the iPod app in your iPhone.

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    The Crown Jewel

    The iPod section of the iPhone is the essential part that separates this phone from the rest of the smart phone invaders. Though the slew of applications is a nice addition, the reparation and quality of the time honored mp3 franchise is what defines the phone. It is a little different from the classic editions, and therefore specific tips must apply.

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    Music Volume

    You can adjust the music on your phone when you are listening to it, but once you hit a certain point it won't go any louder. You can increase the actual volume of the tracks in iTunes. Before you sync your phone to iTunes go ahead and select all of the songs that you would like to alter the bottom of. Right click and then go to Get Info. From here you select Options and then Volume Adjustment. Here you can just change the volume scale by raising it up a little bit according to your preference.

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    Going Slow

    You can actually slow forward and rewind video on the iPhone in a similar way to a DVD player. When you are watching a video on your phone, you can press either the skip forward button or the skip backward button to make the video play forward or backward slowly, respectively.

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    Video Play

    The video segment allows the video you were last playing to stay at the point from which you left it. This can be very convenient when watching a movie over a period of time, but not for shorter ones. If you are watching a shorter video, you may want to skip to the end if it is not over so that the player is set up to play the beginning of videos.

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    The difference between the earphones that come with the iPhone for iPod listening and regular headphones is that these ones actually have a small microphone on the cord so that you do not have to take them off when answering the phone. There is a little budge on the cord that acts as both the microphone and the controller. If you pinch it quickly, it will answer the call; and if you hold it for more than a couple seconds it will pick up the voicemail. You can also you this to pause and play music in the iPod by snapping it the same way.