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Get the Best Faith-Based Apps for Your Mobile Phone

written by: Anurag Ghosh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/14/2011

Looking for the best faith-based apps for your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone? This guide will provide you with all the information you need on some of the top religious apps specifically built for the mobile platform.

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    Mobile technology has changed the way we communicate with others, find news and information and manage our careers. It has also changed the way we pray, find a sacred space to contemplate and look for spiritual advice in times of despair. We can search through the scriptures, read verses from the Holy Bible, Bhagavad Gita and the Quran and manage our church membership with the help of the best religious apps built for the mobile platform.

    Installing faith-based applications on your smartphone is the most convenient way to keep the scriptures, aphorisms and prayers with you all the time. You can also get vital information on religious festivals, pilgrimages and church memberships and bookmark your favorite verses.

    But finding a comprehensive, no-nonsense religious app is difficult nowadays, in spite of so many apps being available on the app market. Well, you don’t have to go that far and waste your time searching for apps. Just sit back and browse through our top picks to discover the best applications that will help you get what you need quickly.

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    The Best Faith-Based Apps for iPhone

    There are plenty of paid and free religious apps for iPhone. For this reason it is imperative that you choose the best and the most reliable faith-based apps. Digital versions of the scriptures and texts should be as accurate as the original and should be free from any errors. This app roundup offers the top applications that are genuine and complete.

    The Top 5 iPhone Bible Apps

    iPhone users will find plenty of free and premium applications containing several versions of the Bible, including NKJV, LBLA, NIV and NLT. With these apps, users can search the passages, bookmark specific verses, and follow a reading plan. Some of these applications allow offline reading, and others require you to connect to the Internet while reading.

    The Best Apostolic iPhone Applications

    Apostolic apps range from a simple Bible study tool to an application that keeps track of confessionals and dates of penance. They are extremely useful for the Christian community and can be purchased on iTunes.

    Penance iPhone App

    The list of iPhone faith-based applications generally consists of several apps Roman Catholics will recommend to their friends and family, but a Penance iPhone app may seem controversial to some. Nevertheless, the app is interesting as it allows users to anonymously confess their sins to other users and is considered a mere game rather than a credible guide.

    Confession iPhone App for Roman Catholics

    If you are looking for a reliable guide to aid you in preparing the Rite of Penance, then Confession is the only credible app worth looking at. Its “confession walkthrough“ offers step-by-step procedures to make your preparation and participation in the Rite of Penance easier and more meaningful.

    Attend Church on Your iPhone

    Live "at-home" congregations are now possible for iPhone users. All they need is an app that streams live sermons, as long as they have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately, there is an application that not only lets you attend a live mass remotely, but also updates you on the latest church news. Find out what the features are and how it could be useful for you.

    Church Membership Apps for iPhone

    With the best church membership apps on your iPhone, you can easily keep track of your congregation, set up groups, store the phone numbers and addresses and stay in contact with other members. These applications help you manage your church membership effortlessly.

    Catholic TV on iPhone

    Devout Catholics looking for a faith-based app that’s full of inspiration, religious discourse and prayer will find Catholic TV a treasure trove of inspirational videos and broadcasts that include daily rosaries, prayers and daily masses.

    The Best Religious Applications for Android

    With these Android apps, you can now read all 16 different versions of the Bible. You can also read the Torah and get access to selected Buddhist quotes and suttas. These apps and widgets provide easy options to bookmark your favorite quotes, get new verses daily and read spiritual texts.

    Four Best Christian Book Readers for the Google Android Platform

    Besides religious applications, there are some great Android e-book applications that allow access to Christian literature and devotionals. Apps such as The Kindle and Nook have a large number of Christian e-books on theology, Christian living, Church history and much more. You will also find the best Bible reader apps that offer popular Bible versions and options to share your verses and readings via Facebook and Twitter.

    The Top 5 LDS Apps for Android

    LDS Church members will find plenty of magazines, tools, and an LDS and scriptures citation index within these applications. These top-rated Android apps provide information, past publications, biblical citations and General Conference talks and hymns.

    Reading the Bible on your Android Mobile Phone: Top Picks

    Android users looking for comprehensive Bible study apps and readers will find a good number of applications offering words of wisdom, free translations and study tools and new verses each day. These apps allow users to bookmark verses, create a custom reading plan and study all versions of the Bible.

    Bible Apps for BlackBerry Users

    For BlackBerry users, there are some great Bible apps designed for the BlackBerry screen. These applications range from simple to advanced apps containing Strongs dictionaries. Some app contain popular versions and Greek and Hebrew language resources for serious students.

    The Best Quran Apps for BlackBerry

    Some of the best Quran applications for BlackBerry offer plenty of features, including verse-by-verse Arabic to English translation, audio support and easy-to-read fonts. Users will also find the best Quran readers supporting multiple languages and a Halal food guide to help them know which food products are Halal and which are not.

    That concludes our list of the best religious applications for the mobile platform. If you have any questions or suggestions you’d like to add to this list, then please leave a comment.