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Christian Book Readers - Android Apps

written by: Steve McFarlane•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/7/2011

This is a roundup of Android apps that can be used to access fiction and nonfiction Christian e-books as well as Bibles and devotionals.

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    Smartphones have really revolutionized the way we communicate with others, as well as how we work and entertain ourselves. Now we can have Christian literature, such as the Bible, and devotionals on our phones at all times, which is great for times when we need to be inspired or instructed. If you want to be able to read faith-based e-books on a mobile device, here are some good Christian book readers: Android apps.

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    Amazon Kindle

    Kindle - Christian book reader android app Amazon for Kindle allows its users to access more than 24,000 Christian books from the Kindle store at qr - Kindle - Christian book reader android app any time. The Kindle store has a large number of Christian e-books that cover areas such as Christian Living, Theology, Education, Church History, Evangelism, Theology, among many others. One of the advantages of using Kindle app as a Christian e-book reader is the fact that you can sync the app with your other Kindle devices.

    Once you have the app installed and running you can use it to quickly search the relevant Christian related categories on the Kindle store or even search for e-books by keyword. After you find and purchase the books you are interested in, you can use the app to read the books at your leisure. You will also have a number of customization options to set screen brightness, text size and style to your liking.

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    NOOK for Android by B&N

    Nook for Android – Free Christian book reader qr - Nook for Android – Free Christian book reader 

    Following closely on the heels of the Kindle e-book reader is Barnes and Noble’s own reader. While users of this app will have access to more than 2 million e-books in the Nook store, those who want to find something relating to their Christian faith can also find good books there. As a bonus for using the Nook reader you can lend and borrow books from other users, so you can save some money if a friend already has a book that you want to read.

    Barnes and Noble also makes reading recommendations, but you are better off ignoring these and going to search in Christian related categories that suit your tastes instead.

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    CadreBible - Android ebook reader qr - CadreBible - Android ebook reader 

    What better Christian book is there than the Bible, and what better Android Bible reader app is there than CadreBible? This app provides access to a number of free Bible versions and also Bible dictionaries and commentaries for times when you need to have a more in-depth Bible study. The app has all the features that you would expect to find in a top notch Android Bible reader, including: built-in and color coded reading plans, parallel commentary and Bible verse view, Greek and Hebrew text, text and verse highlighting as well as options to share your readings and studies with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and e-mail.

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    Bible (YouVersion)

    Bible (YouVersion) - Christian Rook Reader - Android App qr - Bible by LifeChurch TV 

    Bible is a feature-rich alternative to CadreBible. The app has thousands of free Bibles including some of the more popular versions such as KJV, NKJV, NET, ASV and the Message Bible. Bible (YouVersion) also includes support for the major foreign language Bibles including German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Russian and more

    Bible is more than an Android app. It is in fact a community of believers that interact online at

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    Bible (YouVersion) - Christian Rook Reader: Android App

    Nook for Android – Free Christian book reader

    Kindle - christian book reader android app

    qr - CadreBible - Android ebook reader