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Translations with iPhone Applications

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/28/2011

Translator apps are more than just dictionaries to translate the odd word when you are on your travels. The best ones also offer the ability to hear how a phrase must be said, a quick phrase book function, and even some social networking integration. We rundown your best options.

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    Which To Choose?

    There are so many iPhone translator apps to choose from, but only a small percentage of them are comprehensive offerings -- there are a lot of apps focusing on one language only. But, if you want an app to cover you no matter where you travel, you'll need an app that translates into and from many different languages. These are the apps we are focusing on here, and we've rounded up the best five for your consideration.

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    iHandy Translator Pro for iPhone

    ihandy With iHandy Translator pro offering translation from 52 languages on your iPhone, you are going to have to travel a long way off the beaten track for this app to be redundant.

    The user interface is highly intuitive which is a must when you are getting in a fluster about trying to communicate with someone in a different language. Type in your phrase in the top part of the screen, and almost instantly the results appear in the bottom half of the screen. A big plus with this translation app is that it also has "text to talk", so you just need to tap to hear how the phrase should be said. Includes your history of phrases as well as social networking integration.

    [Download Link]

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    Appzilla 2

    appzilla Making the cut to feature in our best apps for Apple iPhone 3GS, Appzilla 2 has a great pedigree you can trust. The idea behind Appzilla 2 is that you actually get over 100 apps in this one app. It has many great features, and among them is a reliable language translator. Taking up over 90MB of your iPhone space isn't going to make this a winning choice for everyone, however you get so much more than a translator too, so it depends on your needs.

    There are also other great functions for travelers in Appzilla too, such as a currency converter, world weather maps and a reverse dictionary so it saves you the bother of installing a lot of apps separately before you go off on your travels. Oh yes, and it only costs $0.99!

    [Download Link]

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    iBabylon for iPhone

    ibabylon While not as slick as some other offerings, iBabylon is worth your attention, if not for the range of languages covered alone. This iPhone translator app can give you results in up to 75 languages. There is also the function to use it just as a dictionary, giving a translation and a definition, or as more of a phrase translation tool.

    There are some pretty nifty features in this app too, such as shake to clear, and the fact that you don't need to input the language -- it will work out the language you are typing in to give you the results.

    There's no function to hear how a phrase should be said, but other than that it's a solid app.

    [Download Link]

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    myLanguage Translator Pro

    mylanguage myLanguage Translator Pro is presented very well, and has 59 languages in its repertoire, along with that all important function to hear how a word or phrase should be said. It's super easy to use and has many small functions that could well make your user experience that little more pleasant: quick language swap, zoom to show the text rather than speaking it, and translation history among others are useful additions.

    The downside to this translator app is that you need a permanent iPhone data connection, which could start to get pretty costly when you are using this abroad.

    [Download Link]

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    Google Translate

    google Google Translate allows you to speak a phrase and to then have it translated into 15 languages, or listen to your translations being spoken in up to 23 languages. Overall the app supports 57 languages when translating by text alone.

    You can also display your translations in full screen mode so your foreign counterpart can read it rather than rely on your spoken version, and script languages like Chinese can also utilize phonetic spellings.

    As with many other language apps on your iPhone, you need a data connection to use this app, but unlike many others you have the ability to add favorite phrases and access your translation history even when you aren't online.

    [Download Link]

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    It depends on what is important to you in a translator app for your iPhone as to your preferred choice, but you'd have to go a long way to beat Google Translate, especially as it's free. For an all round option that has many of your travel issues covered, why not opt for Appzilla 2.

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