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A Good Night's Sleep with iPhone

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/24/2011

There's an app for everything right? Would you believe me if I told you there were even apps to help your baby sleep? Convince someone they are a snorer? Mix your own relaxing sleep noises to get you off to a relaxing sleep? Indeed such miracles exist and we know them as iPhone sleep apps.

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    Is There Really An App For That?

    Insomniac, parent, partner of a snorer, or just a worrier; there are many reasons we might not get a good night's sleep. There are an amazing array of sleep apps for the iPhone available and frankly many of them aren't worth your finger tap. We've narrowed it down to the top five apps that can help you get a good night's sleep in the major 'sleep problem' categories.

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    Sleep Pillow Ambience

    ambientpillow Sleep Pillow Ambience is a white noise machine that provides different soothing sounds to help you get off to sleep. There is a good range of sounds to choose from that are being added to all the time. Simply choose your sound, set the timer and drift off to sleep. There are also visuals to accompany the sounds if you wish.

    The noises vary from the usual water and nature sounds, to tribal and baby noises. Not only does the app just fade out when the timer is up, the sounds start to slow down so you should be completely relaxed and get a great night's sleep.

    This app is so good it even made our top 20 list of iPhone apps for 3GS.

    [Download Link]

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    Relax Melodies Premium Edition

    photo Relax Melodies Premium edition allows you to select from 70 different noises to mix your own unique sleep sound, with the ability to change the volume setting of each. This sleep app gives you full control by creating your own blend to help you get off to a relaxing sleep.

    This app performs other tricks such as shake for a random sound choice, and fade-out or auto shut-off sound so the app isn't playing all night long. There are of course alarm options to wake you up after that restful sleep too.

    There is a free version with less options and of course some ads, but it's worth checking out first if you aren't sure about shelling out for the premium edition.

    [Download Link]

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    Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

    To be honest, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is a bit of a controversial choice, as many users believe it just doesn't work. However, there are also thousands that do, so let's take a look.

    sleepcycle The idea is that you put your iPhone under your pillow with the app running and it will analyze your sleep pattern. It will notice when you enter a phase of light sleep and will wake you then -- the idea being that you wake feeling more refreshed this way than being roused from a deep sleep. All this is done by using your accelerometer, and you can look at an interesting graph the next morning to see the results.

    To all the non-believers that say you get results even if you put your phone on the floor in an empty room, the developer responds that to calibrate the accelerometer perfectly for this app you need to give it a couple of nights to see correct data.

    Even if you aren't sure, this app is only $0.99 and is a pretty great alarm clock app in itself, so you aren't really missing out on anything if you don't think the sleep analysis is working for you.

    [Download Link]

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    Do I Snore?

    doisnore If the reason you aren't getting a good night's sleep is because of a snoring human next to you in bed at night, then meet your savior. Do I Snore, is a sleep app for iPhone that doesn't just record snores, it chooses the best snores so you can present the evidence to your partner the next day. You can set the app to start immediately, or you can set a time period for it to start recording. Then it analyzes the audio waves and only records the best/loudest snores so as to make sure that the snorer knows how loud they are. Hopefully it will push them into getting help to resolve the problem. Good night's sleep sorted.

    The downside is that the app has to be left running so is a battery drain, but as you won't be going anywhere just plugging it in to charge seems a reasonable solution.

    [Download Link]

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    Baby Sleep Comforter

    babysleep The perfect sleep app for bleary eyed parents. The monitor on this sleep app recognizes when baby is awake and will play your choice of soothing sounds. There are the usual options like natural womb sounds, lullaby and rainfall, to alternative offerings like a vacuum cleaner -- who cares as long as it works! It also displays a starlight animation to calm baby down too, which along with the sounds can actually help your baby settle themselves to sleep.

    There are loads more functions on this great baby app you can use too, such as playing a favorite tune from your iTunes library, or even recording your own message.

    There were previous issues with the looping of certain sounds on this app, but the developer has fixed these and is very open to feedback. Most parents are over the moon with this app. At less than three dollars it's a small price to pay for some extra sleep.

    [Download Link]

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    As we've narrowed these apps down to winners in certain categories it obviously depends on your particular sleep issue as to which is the best app. Baby Sleep Comforter and Do I Snore are top choices if that is your problem, otherwise invest in the premium edition of Relax Memories for a great all-round sleep app for your iPhone to help you off to the best night's sleep ever.

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