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How to Install the iOS 4.3.2 Update

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/27/2011

Here is a look at how to install the iOS 4.3.2 update to AT&T iPhones, and what features are included.

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    Beyond iOS 4.3

    The iOS 4.3 was a major update for the iPhone, but now as the Verizon and AT&T services are working at different speeds with the iOS a lot of new updates are coming through. The most recent update offered for the AT&T iPhone is iOS 4.3.2 and you are able to update the system directly through iTunes in the same way that you do with the more major versions. Here is a look at how to download and install the iOS 4.3.2 update and what features it is going to give you for your iPhone.

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    iOS 4.3.2 Download

    Screenshot by Shane Burley If you have not downloaded and installed the iOS 4.3.2 update onto your iPhone yet you will likely be prompted to do Screenshot by Shane Burley so when you plug in your iPhone to your computer as you do with a normal sync. If not you can select your iPhone from under the Device heading, and then in the Info tab you can choose to search for available updates.

    Right from the start it will first give you a list of features and devices the update is for, and then it will give the Terms and Conditions to agree to. From here it will start an automatic download of the iOS 4.3.2 update and your iPhone can sync to your computer. This is usually important to make sure everything is backed up and up to date.

    Once it has finished the iOS 4.3.2 update it will then verify the update with Apple and then prepare the iPhone for the update. This will make the screen go black and then indicate that the software is being installed with a progress bar. After this installation has completed the iPhone will restart and then the iPhone will sync again. After this short process is complete then your iPhone will have been updated to the iOS 4.3.2 download.

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    iOS 4.3.2 Features and Available Devices

    The iOS 4.3.2 update is available for all of the most relevant Apple devices except for the Verizon iPhone. This includes the GSM iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the iPad 2, the iPad, and the third and fourth generation of the iPod Touch. The earlier versions of the iPhone and the iPod Touch are going to be left out of this update, and there is no alternative update available.

    The iOS 4.3.2 features that are included are not as numerous as with a major update, but are especially necessary for the newest devices. First, the problems that have happened commonly with freezing during FaceTime have been repaired and will make it much more stable. Beyond this you will find that there is a large security update, which is one of the things that you want a consistent response to from Apple. One feature that is included in the update but not relevant to iPhone users is the repair in international use for 3G networks on iPads that are enabled for both Wi-Fi and 3G use.

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    • Source: author's own experience.