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Ten Must-Have Android Applications for Students

written by: Anurag Ghosh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/12/2011

The most useful Android applications for students help them to keep track of their homework, translate sentences into various other languages, solve complex math problems, calculate trigonometry functions and get information that can only be found in the school or college library.

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    With exams approaching, school and college students look for reference books, scientific calculators, flash cards, periodic tables and encyclopedias to help them excel in their studies and improve their grades. These learning aids can now be accessed in one place – an Android phone. There are plenty of Android apps for students and each application can be of immense help during exams and tests. Some of the apps allow students to create virtual flash cards, whereas others have a set of tools that help students solve complex math problems.

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    StudyDroid Flashcards have always been handy learning aids for students. Nowadays, virtual flashcards have replaced traditional ones and have proven to be as useful as their cardboard counterparts. For the Android platform, StudyDroid is one such app that lets you create flash cards online on your phone, save them and share those cards with friends. The application allows students to choose different colors and font sizes for their flash cards. They can also create and sync them without the fear of losing any flash cards. The free version is ad-supported and allows 2-way sync, while the Pro version allows 3rd-party syncing.

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    Cam Scanner

    Cam Scanner This application converts your Android device into a document scanner. Using Cam Scanner, you can scan important passages or paragraphs from a friend’s notes easily. You can also scan whiteboard discussions and then crop the scanned image using the app’s smart cropping tool to get an enhanced, clear and recognizable image.

    The application also lets you create PDFs of any scanned documents or whiteboards easily and automatically crops and enhances each scanned image. You can then upload the converted PDF to Google Docs or share it with your friends on social networking sites. Cam Scanner’s image quality is excellent and its smart cropping makes any scanned document as clear and readable as the original document.

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    Calculus Tools

    Calculus Tools Solving calculus problems is perhaps, one of the most challenging homework tasks a student has to face in high school. What they need is a set of tools that computes definite integral, allows them to find derivatives and plot graphs. Thankfully, there’s a free application called Calculus Tools.

    With an in-built virtual keyboard and integral tables, the application is the perfect tool to help students excel in their calculus homework. It helps students compute arc lengths and find Taylor series and find derivatives within seconds. The 3D graph can be of immense help for students who want to plot graphs. The latest version allows smooth scale adjustments for graphs. However, it would have been better if the app had an in-built indefinite integral calculator. Still, it is by far one of the best Android apps for students that can help them solve hard calculus homework problems

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    The Ten Best Android Applications for StudentsDuring exams, students look for different reference books, planners, notepads and other key stuff that may help them study and score higher grades. With an Android device, they have everything under one roof – from calculus tools to dictionaries, whiteboard scanners and homework planners.
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    Periodic Droid

    Periodic Droid This is a very handy Android application that provides a periodic table of elements to explore and even configure. Students can search 118 elements by name, number or symbol using the app’s nifty search box. They can type in part of the element name and get a complete description quickly without exploring the table. Students can also customize it by choosing the background color for each element in the table. They can set the criteria by state, category or crystal structure. The app provides in-depth information, including 55 properties, for each element. The properties include melting point, state, crystal structure, color and electronegativity.

    The application also links every element to a Wikipedia article to help students learn more about it. Furthermore, it also provides a quiz to help you prepare for your next test. With so much information and customizable interfaces, expect some lag in navigation. But the element descriptions and the instant search feature are what makes this app one of the most useful Android apps for students. There are a few missing features that may be fixed in the next update, including a chart of nuclides or a feature that helps students to alter states of matter.

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    RealCalc Scientific Calculator

    RealCalc Scientific Calculator One of the best scientific calculator apps for the Android platform, RealCalc is simple to use and has an excellent design. The calculator can compute everything from percentages to trigonometry functions in grads, radians and degrees. The app has two display modes along with scientific: fixed-point and engineering. The calculator also boasts a physical constants table and an RPN mode. It is extremely useful for students who are looking for physical constants, trigonometry computation and a unit conversion facility. Engineers and scientists will also find this application very useful.

    RealCalc is free, but there’s a paid version that adds in two features: user-customizable unit conversions and a constants table. The free version is perfect for students as it covers everything and gives accurate results.

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    Homework An excellent reminder tool for students, Homework keeps track of their school timetable and homework. The application has two separate widgets to help you excel in your studies. Using the homework widget, you can store all homework assignments and sort them according to date. The widget also lets you sort the ones that are not completed.

    The timetable widget allows you to create your own timetable right on your Android screen. You will be able to identify your own lessons and subjects and can set the start and end time of the lessons. The application has multiple homescreen widgets and a very simple user interface. Homework is one of the best must-have Android apps for students who want to improve their grades and most will find it immensely helpful during semester.

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    Studying With Android: Best Applications for StudentsWith applications like ColorDict, Wikimobile Encyclopedia, Periodic Droid and Calculus tools, who needs a guide, tutor or burdensome books? These Android applications help students excel in studies, solve complex problems in mathematics and trigonometry and get good grades in exams.
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    ColorDict This Android dictionary application is pretty all-inclusive as it includes a comprehensive dictionary, Google translate app, Wikipedia and WordNet. Using ColorDict, you can search both online and offline dictionaries and download any free dictionaries available on the Internet. Its Quick Search box does all the work and lets you translate any word or sentence using the Google Translate service. It also has a voice recognition feature that allows easy text-to-speech. Students can save search history and share their results with their friends.

    The offline dictionaries include an English Thesaurus, a regular dictionary and Japanese, Chinese and German dictionaries. The app also lets you search Wiki articles and translate any word with the Google translation service. ColorDict is free, but ad-supported and is one of the best Android apps for students.

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    Wikimobile Encyclopedia

    Wikimobile Encyclopedia This is a must-have app if you are gearing up for a new semester or have to prepare for your tests and are looking for a handy reference tool. With over 2 million Wikipedia articles, this app is a pocket encyclopedia for students. All you need is an Internet connection and you can browse through several Wiki articles without worrying about too much data usage. The app is designed in such a manner that it uses a fraction of network data, which is much lower than browsing Wikipedia directly on your Android browser. While you should not heavily rely on Wiki articles, you can surely search for general information when you don’t have any other reference books nearby.

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    Math Reference

    Math Reference This reference application is one of the best Math apps for Android. Both elementary and high school students will find this app extremely useful for solving complex algebraic equations, probability problems, statistics, conversion sequences and virtually every math formula and equation. With two options: Basic and Advanced, Math Ref provides simple guides and hints on solving every math problem, be it simple algebra or complex problems on trigonometry or integration geometry.

    One of the key features of this study application is the easy and simple user interface. Priced at $0.99, Math Reference is a great virtual math tutor for students.

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    Catch Notes

    Catch Notes This is an excellent Android notepad application that lets you type in text and store it online. It also allows students to record lectures, capture images and sync them free with the Catch website.

    You can also set passwords to protect your notes and share content with your fellow classmates on Facebook and Twitter. The application also lets you set reminders and keep organized using tags and is extremely useful for college students who will find it very handy during exams. Catch is voted one of the best Android apps for students who want a virtual note taker.

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