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Top Five Android Dictionary Applications

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 2/18/2011

Look up words and test your knowledge of the English language with the best Android dictionary apps. The app has over 375,000 words and definitions, while the Urban Dictionary app contains a collection of modern slang terms. The Merriam-Webster and Oxford Dictionary apps are thorough.

  • slide 1 of 7 Android App Browse through 375,000 words and definitions, and 300,000 synonyms and antonyms with the app. It is definitely one of the best Android dictionary apps. Search the dictionary by typing a term into the search box or speak into the phone to use the voice search feature. Along with the definition, the app displays word origin, word history, and sentence examples. The pronunciation of a word can be heard from an audio recording too. Enjoy popular features of the website on your phone, including the Word of the Day and the Hot Word blog. is a free app available on the Android Market.

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    Urban Dictionary

    Urban Dictionary Android App Find out what the latest slang terms mean with the Urban Dictionary app. The app contains words that are on the website It is a user generated database made up of thousands of words that aren't in a standard dictionary. It's a great resource when you are bored and need a laugh. The app features a daily word, and an option to view random slang terms. There is a home screen widget and a share function as well.

    The free Urban Dictionary app is available on the Android Market.

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    Free Dictionary Org

    Free Dictionary Org Android App Free Dictionary Org is among the best Android dictionary apps available in the Android Market. It provides definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations for thousands of words. Search the dictionary by typing the word in the text box. If you don't know the correct spelling of a word, you can use the voice search feature to enter the search term by sounding it out. The app also contains a game that tests your vocabulary skills.

    For more information, read our full length review of the Free Dictionary Org.

    Free Dictionary Org is a free app available on the Android Market.

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    Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus

    Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus Android App One of the pricier dictionary apps for Android phones is the Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus app. It contains over 200,000 words and definitions, and over 300,000 synonyms. You can search the dictionary online or download the entire dictionary to the Android phone.

    The Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus app is available on the Android Market for $19.99.

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    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Android App The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app is another expensive dictionary app. It contains only 75,000 entries, but does have a few features that similar apps don't. You can look up words directly from the home screen using the dictionary widget, and the app recognizes several grammatical forms of each word. You can search words by voice, and the app contains audio recordings for the pronunciation of each word. The app also displays a Word of the Day, to help expand your vocabulary.

    Download the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on the Android Market for $19.95.

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    For more apps that help expand your vocabulary and knowledge, why check out our review of the Wikimobile Encyclopedia app for Android, or the best eBook readers for Android.

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