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Best Android Text Messaging Apps

written by: Michael Dougherty•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/18/2011

This is a round-up of the best text messaging programs for Android. If you are looking for an alternative Android text app you will surely be able to find one in this group of 5 of the best.

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    The Best Text Messaging Programs for Android

    Some of the default text messaging apps on the various Android smartphones available are half-decent while others are just plain bad. If you are unhappy with your handset's default text messaging app it is simple to replace it with one that looks better, has more features and allows you to send those important text messages with speed and accuracy.

    Read on for my top 5 best text messaging programs for Android (in no particular order)...

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    Best Text Messaging Programs for Android - Handcent I decided to mention Handcent first simply because it is my Android text app of choice. I have tried all the Android text apps that I will list here (as well as many others) and Handcent just ended up being a good fit for me and my text messaging habits. Handcent supports all versions of the Android OS (Operating System) from version 1.5 through 2.3 as well as 20+ languages. It has full SMS/MMS support, security functions that allow you to lock Handcent as well as your default text messaging app and supports many user customizations via user created skins and themes. These are just a few of the features that make Handcent one of the best text messaging programs for Android.

    Price: Free

    [Download Handcent]


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    Best Text Messaging Programs for Android - ChompSMS ChompSMS is another top-notch, feature rich Android text app commonly used to replace the default Android text messaging app. Some of the features offered by ChompSMS are chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures, templates, blacklisting, a plethora of customizations, themes and FREE texting using the TextFreek Service. I personally love the TextFreek service which allows you to text any smartphone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry) for free assuming they are also using ChompSMS with TextFreek. This can save a user a ton of fees for text messaging if they are paying for text messages on a per message basis. ChompSMS is an excellent replacement for the default text messaging app on any Android phone.

    Price: Free

    [Download ChompSMS]


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    GO SMS Pro

    Best Text Messaging Programs for Android - GO SMS Pro GO SMS Pro is another fantastic Android text app. If I wasn't so used to using Handcent this would probably be my Android text app of choice. The features of GO SMS Pro are unrivaled and most users love the virtually unlimited options for customization. This is not to say that GO SMS Pro is not a powerful Android text app, it most definitely is, features include blacklist support, gesture support, security lock support and Facebook photo support. One of the best text messaging programs for Android on the market. Well worth the download.

    Price: Free

    [Download GO SMS Pro]


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    Best Text Messaging Programs for Android - TextPlus TextPlus is an Android text app that lets the user send and receive free and unlimited messages to anyone in the US and Canada. Group conversations and communities are two of the more powerful features of this Android text app. When you are in a group chat each member of the chat sees all text messages sent or if none of your friends are available search and join one of the topic driven mobile chat rooms and chat away. TextPlus has fewer features than some of the other apps mentioned but is still a very powerful Android text app. Give it a try today and see if it's right for you!

    Price: Free

    [Download TextPlus]


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    Google Voice

    Best Text Messaging Programs for Android - Google Voice Google Voice is an Android text app from Google and so much more. Make international calls, send free text messages and set up and check your voicemail box, all from your own personal Google number and from the comfort of the Google Voice Android app. Google Voice has a huge future and may just end up being a part of just about everyone's mobile life, but currently it is only available in the US, limiting its exposure and its use. To get started simply visit

    Price: Free

    [Download Google Voice]


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    Replacing Your Default Android Text App

    The steps to replace your default Android text app couldn't be more simple. When you download any of these replacement Android text apps they will immediately start to pick up your incoming text messages. Your default Android text app will continue to function but can safely be removed from your Android home screen once you pick a replacement from the ones mentioned here. If at any time you would like to start using your default Android text app again you simply load it up and uninstall the replacement.

    I am confident you will be able to find an Android text app in this list that will quickly become a favorite and end up replacing your default Android text app... Use an Android text app not listed here? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts!

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