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Best Android Shopping List Apps

written by: Alan Jones•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 3/1/2011

A round-up of some of the best Android Shopping List apps, to make sure you never forget to pick up some milk again.

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    Our Groceries

    OurGroceries OurGroceries is a free Android shopping list app ($4.99 for ad-free version), that allows you to share shopping lists with other phones, and also has clients for BlackBerry and iPhone if you're not solely an Android family. The app allows you to set up multiple shopping lists, and keeps track of items that you've added before, to allow you to add them quickly if you need them again. You can also keep recipes in the app, and quickly add the required ingredients to one of your shopping lists. Another useful feature, is that you can sort your shopping lists, so if you're familiar with the layout of your supermarket, you can order your list accordingly. You can read more about OurGroceries in our Best Android Grocery Apps article

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    Shopper - Shopping List

    Shopper - Shopping List The not very catchily titled Shopper - Shopping List is another free shopping list app for Android, that allows you to share lists with BlackBerry and iPhones. This app is certainly a lot more pleasing on the eye than OurGroceries simple black and white layout, but how does it compare in functionality? There's no specific recipe section, but it does feature reminders and a store directory, which allows you to phone stores directly from the app; although this is presumably intended for something a little more specialized than phoning your local supermarket to see if they have any bread! This app doesn't allow list ordering like Our Groceries, but it does have a built-in list of aisles (which you can add to/edit), allowing you to categorize the items, and you can enter quantities and notes for each item, so you don't need to create a separate entry every time you need a different quantity of an item.

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    Out of Milk

    Out of Milk Another brightly-colored Android shopping list app, Out of Milk (free) is a little feature-sparse compared to the previous apps. It does though allow you to add items to your shopping list by scanning the barcode, as well as text/voice entry. It can also share lists via text/email/etc, but there are no syncing features. This app also features a to-do list, and a pantry section, to keep track of items you already have in stock, but this means you'd have to keep that updated when you use items, although it does allow you to move them to a shopping list from the pantry section.

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    Mighty Grocery Shopping

    Mighty Grocery Shopping Available in two versions; Mighty Grocery Shopping Lite (free), and a full version with extra features (CA$2.95), this shopping list app for Android is almost a "best of", in terms of the features we've seen so far - that is as long as you're willing to pay for those extra features - list syncing, barcode scanning and recipe lists are amongst those that you will only see if you fork out for the full version. Items are categorized by aisle, and while it's possible to re-order those, if you regularly shop in two or more supermarkets with different layouts, you'll have to put up with incorrectly ordered lists for all but one of them.

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    Shopping List

    Shopping List Stealing the worst name award from Shopper; Shopping List swoops in to take the title right at the last second. Shopping List (free, ad-free version €1.99) is the final Android shopping list app in this round up. This app has all the standard features, such as being able to create multiple lists, and also allows you to categorize items, but there doesn't seem to be a way to add new categories. You can scan barcodes, and even take photos if you like, but the app itself says this will slow down the display, so it seems a bit of a pointless feature. Sharing is just by text or email, so if you need syncing, this probably isn't the app for you.

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